Gears 5 is aweful, shame on the Coalition! Go ahead and block me because I don't care anymore

What a mess this game is, once my ultimate pass is done; I am finished with this travesty!


Yet I’m guessing you’ll still check out G6 just to see if it’s to your liking. It’s just the reality of being addicted to certain franchises.

These were the same people who complained day and night about 4, but still picked up 5 day/week 1. Like they have a desire to punish themselves.

And the reason why it might seem like developers aren’t addressing their concerns: because there’s no point in doing so when the ones who are upset are going to accept the game regardless.

“They’re going to be upset no matter what we do but they’ll play it just the same. These people have no idea what they’re talking about, why should we listen to them?”

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Point well said. These are businesses, not our friends. A franchise should earn your money. A game should earn your money. Speak with your wallet.
I still have not bought Gears 5 and don’t regret it either. I had my gripes with 4 and the 5 tech test so I did not buy it. Feels like that is a foreign concept to most of these players.