Gears 5 is an awesome game

Hands down better then 4. Just as good as 3. Better then 2 and just below 1 .

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It’s got a good, long, fun, creatively made campaign, with best in franchise graphics, but both 4 and 1 offered more challenge. I haven’t played 3 as it’s only on console, but most say it’s far more challenging.

I had a blast going through 5’s campaign on Normal, Experienced, and Insane, but then felt sad I had to uninstall it for drive space to reinstall 4, and go back where I left off trying to beat it on Inconceivable.

A fun, graphically rich, creative campaign is one thing, but I also like replay value a lot, and there it lacks a bit. I also didn’t like that the bosses were all too easy, and for that reason pretty anticlimactic. The final boss is especially disappointing.

For me it came down to an interesting time with new enemies, the new skiff vehicle, the story reveal of how Locust and Kait came into being, and the awesome graphics, but in the end, any hardcore Gears fan is going to be let down by the casual gameplay. There’s really only a few spots that are all that challenging. They didn’t even bother spending a little time to add an Inconceivable mode in the campaign for the many hardcore Gears fanatics, big fail on that.

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Waiting to playthe campaign,waiting on getting that fixed b4 I commit myself,watched countless streams on mixer,awesome,horde is ok,why because of still some fixes like duplicate characters,occasional lag but hey I’m used to that from previous Gear(s)but I am very grateful of TC giving out freebies.

The multiplayer is where the issues are and what is killing the fan base rn. Campaign is stellar af. The best since Gears 2

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Congratulations :grin::grin::grin:


2 is actually my favourite but I can sort of see what you are trying to say because as much as I loved 2 the connections were a joke at times. Crab walking laggy pvp but I still played over 1300 games of pvp. There’s an arguement for 5 being better than 4 if the ranked pvp gets fixed and running smoothly. As it stands 4 is better. The only ridiculous thing you said was that it was equal to 3 lmao. There’s no way it’s equal to 3 and it’s never going to get anywhere near that comparison.

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Haha taking the piss obviously :rofl:

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Not just multiplayer…horde on its ■■■■ aswell🤔

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My God you made me almost choke

Anyone praising Gears 5 eventually is shown to be talking about the campaign. Which, from what I hear, IS great.

Multi-player versus, however, is a pile of steaming crap. For anyone who actually enjoyed what made past Gears Versus unique and special, that is.


Anyone praising Gears 5 eventually is shown to be talking about the campaign. Which, from what I hear, IS great.

I love Gears 5. Love its campaign, love the Horde, surprisingly like Escape, fine with Versus.
MP is not without irks and issues but it’s not even close to bugfest some of the games get on launch.

It is definitely an awesome game!


Oh, isn’t it beautiful? Forum trolls flagged my post where all I say is I like the game.




Campaign is ok at best…wouldn’t bother with a second run thru though.

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Can you guys please explain to me why you prefere gears 4?
I have played every gears but not gears 4, i dont have a problem with gears 5 mp, i can play solo and carry ,i have a lot uf fun actually,
Yes please reduce range weapon damage and remove aim assist but other than that why hate the game so much?

You disgust me as a human being. How DARE you!


lmao! Yeah, stop the drugs you taking from now on :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this is one of the best things I have read on here in a long time.

@Stree7Sweeper I hope not to offend :v:

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