Gears 5 is amazing in my opinion. Thanks TC

Definitely not a troll post and not a popular option but I just returned from playing the updated cyberpunk, elden ring and dying light 2 and yet there is no game that feels as good as gears 5. I just don’t get the hate. The multiplayer is fun and smooth. It’s really a shame to see TC get trashed talked so much when gears 5 is a actual fun and smooth experience compared to the half ■■■ games that release today.


Gears 5 launch ring a bell to you?

All the good they did in 4 was washed down the sink at 5s launch, it took them like 2 years to better the pve while the versus fell apart like butter in a hot skillet.

Of course everybody is mad at them. They deserve the hate and they know they do.


Ya the launch was messy but the campaign was crisp with no real issues. Multiplayer still worked fine but the tuning and other things were off. Just saying there is no game that can match gears and can give you the feeling that gears does when playing.


Agreed but let’s not act like TC is the victim here. Because they arent. The hate is mostly warranted.

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I gotcha. Can we agree that here and now today gears 5 there is no game no cod no battlefield no Fortnite that can every match what gears 5 can give u

I said I agreed lol.

What was wrong with the campaign at launch? If you didn’t like the story that’s just objective. But it worked and played great?

Escape is best thing to come out of TC and my favorite mode in Gears history. OP4 and Onward Horde is great. Hivebusters was awesome. Its not an amazing game as a whole by any means, but its PvE is top of the line.

It really is. Devs should never ever be attacked. Theres a way to express your problems you have with the game and attacking the devs is not the way to do it.


It had bugs, I wasnt speaking about the campaign itself. I didnt have any problems but I saw the forums and I saw all the complaints it had bug wise.

Ook. I ran into very little bugs in the campaign at launch. ThTs what I was saying is that today with games like dying light 2 and every game to come out needs crazy amount of patches to even play lol.

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Well, there was the save bug that caused you to restart the game over and over again, but for me, it was the story in the campaign that was really off-putting.

Genuinely having a lot of fun with this game, but the 1st one was just amazing and still holds up today, plus with unbelievable support it got after launch it made for a really fantastic experience.

Pretty much, Gears of War 4 finished off in a really good place, and then Gears 5 was released in a near unplayable state. Add on to that the countless bugs, additions in GOW4 that were forgotten or just not added such as card scrapping and level 6 cards, of course these were added but should have been ready to go from the start, and the continuous bugs that literally end a game I can really understand the hate.

I have to disagree here. Personally, I found the PVP side of the game to just be a horrible, laggy mess no matter what connection you are running. It really improved in OP 5, in my opinion, but TC just wrecked it with the delays. Of course, we all have differing opinions on PVP and if anyone enjoys it then I won’t take it away from them, but I think ts just awful.

It is, in a way, but mostly it well deserved. Some trash talk is just unjustified nonsense because someone can’t get any better at the game, but some is justified and well-founded. Having said that, I personally think that core code for Gears 5 is so all over the place that the only to fix some problems would be a complete rewrite of the code itself so ill cut TC some slack on certain but a lot of what was wrong and what is wrong with the game is their own doing or at least Microsoft’s fault as well.

While I may disagree with you, it’s honestly good to enjoy or like a game nonetheless. Hell, I really enjoyed my time on Judgement and got a lot of hate for it, but I had fun with it. Of course, I think the gaming industry would be in a much better place if we held developers more accountable to the messes they’re launching instead of the ill play it and a few months later it will be a better scenario.

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Oh, don’t worry, I can fill you in. At launch I, along with several other friends, could not even play the single-player campaign because the servers were that bad. Let me repeat that: I could not play a solo campaign game because TC’s servers were having that many problems. I completely and utter disagree that there were no campaign issues at launch.

Now, I know you compared Gears 5 to several other notable games that also had troubled launches, but having not played those I can’t really say if your comparison is a good one or not. All I can say is that the Gears 5 campaign absolutely launched with issues and still has some that persist to this day. This is in addition to the usual bugs that will sometimes crop up. Once we got the campaign working after a couple of weeks, I recall having to reload a chapter when we got stuck at the theater because the AI bots (Marcus and Kait) had spawned in on top of each other (I’ll see if I can find the screenshot) and therefore couldn’t move and you couldn’t progress until the AI Marcus opened a door for you.

One of the main lingering issues with campaign has to do with the achievements, specifically the Jack ones. I’ve still got a couple of friends on my list who are unable to unlock all the Jack achievements because the tracking was broken for them.

I agree that people should not be making personal attacks against Devs. However, it is very frustrating how sometimes even good, honest, and generalized feedback (not an attack on a specific person) often results in bans or blocks from TC. This can make it extremely frustrating when trying to provide constructive criticism, see the Lambent debacle from Gears 4 for example. Honestly, the whole community-TC relationship has been pretty strained since Gears 4, maybe even earlier. I think Gears 5 just pushed it over the edge. It’s a shame too, because I’m pretty sure that was part of the reason Octus left, and he was actually a really good community manager who inherently understood the community.

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The game is in a much better state now than when it launched, that’s for damn sure.

Still some pesky bugs that really should get fixed, but aside from that, the game would be fine as is basically forever. It’s a fairly complete package.

I personally think the open-world campaign is dog s***, but some people liked it.


TC , as explicitly confirmed by both the studio head and head of multiplayer (at that time), made the concious , reasoned , deliberate choice to abandon long standing Gears standards in the name of making the game more appealing to a wider audience.

They made it woke, in a way, lol…

And that is the origin of the hate, IMO.

2 years later the game is much better. But it’s dying…

I was still going strong 3 years into GoW4, both horde and pvp. Here, 2 years in, it’s bottom of the barrel re horde custom lobbies. I cant speak for escape (since i never got into it, @RumblyMonkey991 was never on when i was on, to show me around Escape :grin: ) or pvp (since i hated it so much i turned my back on it over a year ago)…

Horde is not bad now… But they did fight for a loooooong time to keep it how it was at launch, telling us how we should enjoy the game, and only started to make changes when forced to by declining player numbers.


Every gears game is “woke”. Strong female characters in the main cast and those females don’t have exaggerated body features. The males are the ones with exaggerated body features. Cliff said this was important to him when making the original games.


Literally :joy:

Who saves you from the slab? Dom

Who is in charge of Delta for most of act 1? Kim

Anya leaves control and fights on the frontlines

Every game they introduced new diverse characters

That one all female group I think they were called GBL?

Gears has been woke for years, but they’ve actually been very good at including diverse groups of people. It doesnt feel forced either and they mostly are fleshed out well. The woke agenda simply doesnt work for gears because it’s been doing that before it got popular. That’s another reason why I love gears so much, the diversity. There really isnt a gears character that I hate, I may hate the armor but I dont think I despise a character.


Yup. Strong characters regardless of gender or ethnicity have always been at the forefront of Gears from the very beginning.

Gears 5 gets called woke because Kait is the main character. People have this weird fixation with Kait that I dont understand. Lol


For me Kait just isnt it. Her characterization just isnt good. I think she’s better suited for the side character role, after all. I was under the impression that JD was to lead the series but they did that 180 and totally screwed up the series.

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Her character isn’t good but neither is Dels. I think people didn’t like her literally bc she’s the main character and she’s female. Gotta keep that dark and gritty game but a female main character isn’t capable of that I guess.

That being said though, I hope JD is the main character in the next game because he needs to survive. He is the correct choice for the series. Having 2 branching paths depending on who you chose would be lame because the story would just be bad since they would write it around having Del and JD being interchangeable at any point. Del surviving would be a mistake, theres nothing good about him. He’s just the “Best friend and smart” character that no one knows anything about. JD is way more badass now, he can handle being the main character.

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Del sucks as well, unfortunately. I liked him alot in 4.

Most of us assumed he was the only choice considering hes on the front cover of gears 4 and is a FENIX.

Plus Del dying is how JD and Marcus can bond better as a son/father. Marcus can relate, so I hope they go down that path. I like the idea of the choice but it should be at the very end of a franchise or maybe with characters that have more going for them.

Choosing between a Fenix and a red shirt isnt exactly fair.

If they want to get more creative, I would love for TC to make a campaign only game where it’s open world and what you do matters. I like them branching out but them testing it out on their main series is such a stupid idea.