Gears 5 is amazing! Hate me

The gameplay, graphics, sound design and affects, the music. I think gears 5 is near perfect and don’t want them to switch anything else with the game at all besides better ranking system and faster content. Other then that please leave gears 5 alone cause you have made something special that unfortunately most wont see cause they are to busy thinking of it doesn’t work or perform my way I want or need then it’s trash. O well sucks for them. Don’t mind them TC and those of you who enjoy gears 5.


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well the gnasher still has the inconsistency issues. the boomshot its not working fully on all environments and we still have the ammo scarcity issues.

I don’t know where I could start . but the game its far from being perfect in all honesty.

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Lolol to funny

Not to mention the UI bugs

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Of coarse still has glitches and small stuff to be worked on but the gnasher was always inconsistent in every game and always will be. But it’s the best it’s been now. But as just gameplay it’s the best gears hands down in my opinion

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it has its moments… I grant you that my friend @U_Gunna_Get_Got

The fact that you think the sound design is good is beyond me… Sure ill give you the music is OK (nothing compared to 1 and 2 though). The actual sound FX are mixed and engineered poorly. Lancer sounds wimpy, the gib sound has no thump to it. As of matter of fact, the whole game lacks low end bad. Its as if they put a high pass filter on all the sounds (rolling off the low end). I could go on about the sound, but ill leave it there. And of course, this is just my opinion :slight_smile:


I agree with this,

The sound is underwhelming and it’s terrible for MP.

Footsteps still broken.

And maps like Exhibit,

Footsteps sound the same whether upstairs or downstairs.

But you’re lucky to get sound at all when people run around or behind you.


Lancer sounds amazing when you hit the active. Sounds so weak in other games compared. And when you gib someone it sounds nice and Juicy when you kill them. I think it sounds great but I’m on my turtle beach headphones maybe that’s why it sounds so good. Idk

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You lost me here. Everything else tho :ok_hand:


The game would be better if quitters where given a hardware ban.


I have something for you, can’t mind where I left it. Damn it, I just had it…

It was here somewhere!

Oh well.



I think Gears 5 is awesome too, but it seems to me saying ANYTHING good about this game is just shaking the hornet’s nest when it comes to these forums (or any gaming forum) nowadays. It was the same thing for Gears 4 (which is even better than Gears 5 IMO).

I’ve been playing Gears since 2006, and people have never stopped complaining about anything and everything about Gears MP. (Too slow, too fast, not bouncy enough, rifles too strong, etc). I tend to just play the game and not even bother with forums as much as I used to.

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I like how the Lancer sounds on active (only on active).

Honestly the audio and graphics are pretty trash. Bar is set so low for this game.


Admittedly the bass seems to be mostly reserved for the explosives. Although it’s far better than the extreme, where in UE all the stomping was just pounding your ears non-stop.

Graphics?? Really???

It’s a great looking game

That’s about all the compliments it’ll get from me but, yea, if they done jus 1 thing right it’s the graphics, the colour scheme I’d personally change but graphics on their own are industry leading, and I struggle to compliment this game lol