Gears 5 is a Xbox exclusive, why does PC even bother

First & foremost, I’m not anti Xbox, or a PC elitist, I can see what I’m going to say will rub some people the wrong way. So I’ll get straight to the point, you own a PC that cost you over 2000 dollars, it has a 2070, or a 2080 super GPU. Your stuck playing a Xbox exclusive game that allows PC players to play on, but there is no real competitive edge on PC VS Xbox, some say there is, but for the most part there is not. If all your going to do on a PC is play a Xbox game, what was the point of you even getting your PC to begin with. The point is you are really a console gamer, and you never really took that leap towards being a PC gamer. A real PC gamer will take advantage of the architecture of their PC build, and use it for better games other than Gears. Gears is a Xbox game, even though you can play it on PC, you are essentially allowing a game to turn your PC into a console, for other words, it’s dumbing your PC down.

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You know what’s sooo funny… this is the exact reason i got my PC and yet… i have found so many more games that i play now other than gears 200+ hours in the witcher 3 already in about 2-3 weeks and played alot of DOOM RE2 and so many other games i have not started yet. I LOVE PC. Only regret i have is not getting it sooner.

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Since when playing a game that’s from Xbox on a Pc dumbs your PC down?

Games can be played anywhere, wherever. Just because a game was first started in Xbox it doesn’t make it an xbox puppy, just because PC and Xbox were split for dozens of years it doesn’t make any of their paths unique and real. They’re simply engines.

Then why would I download emulators on PC to play old Zeldas or Halo? Oh right they are from Nintendo and Xbox, I can only play CS GO and Portal right?

Oh Fortnite is nobody’s exclusive, Epic Games Released it on Android, iOS, Xbox, PSN, PC and it became one of the most popular games on history.

Using the architecture of a PC? Does that mean running steam games at Ultra?

Look at the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare, released on all platforms and its a big success, the only thing that differences PC and console, it’s the PC potential. That’s everything, because if you didn’t know, Not all PCs cost 2,000 dollars, there are PCs just as bad or worse than a console out there. All PC Games out there if properly optimized, can be runned by any console. But obviously Console is going to be inferior to PC builds bigger than 500 dollars. Imagine if Console was better than those builds. Then everyone would be buying consoles, not PCs.

Man I shouldn’t be playing Left 4 Dead on my Xbox, because it’s from PC, ugh.

As I’ve said. They’re just engines and if they’re capable of running whatever game from what whatever origin, if it’s fun, then why exclude?


Name 1 game that even comes close to Gears? Theres no TPS shooter that comes any where close to Gears

And Gears 5 was built with PC in mind to take advatage of the power they have

While YOU think there are better games out there some might disagree with you


You are literally saying that if a game is not exclusive to PC, it means that it is not worth playing that game because it is not taking advantage of the capabilities of the current hardware.
Excuse me for saying so, but it’s very closed and obtuse your vision about multiplatform games.

Let me explain: the first Gears of War was released for PC (later Microsoft blocked the other sequels), but they have always known how to take advantage of the most modern hardware, both in quality, with lots of graphic options, and in higher fps.
TC did an extraordinary job with the Gears of War 4 PC port and I can tell you that that game feels 100% like a PC game and not a console game.

And yes, when Gears 5 it came out, the graphic quality left a lot to be desired, although they have been improving it (although I also know that it could be much better).
Where it fell most was in the feeling of mobility and precision, but that is not attributed to the fact that it is a bad port, but to the fact that the gameplay is bad in itself.


Ok…I have a dozen games on PC and Xbox that I got bored of after 30 minutes, but let me go back and play games I have no interest in because it’s dumbing down my PC… What a pointless thread.
BTW, unless you have a $1000+ RTX 2080 ti GPU, it’s gonna struggle to play Gears at 4K max settings. So are you really dumbing down your PC if you’re playing with anything less?

this could be said about most of his post

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your statement has a big fault
Gears5 is not just a port from console to pc like most games
it’s been built with PC in mind all all features that makes pc gaming great
if anything, you should stop playing consoles and move on to the better alternative

cheers from my 144fps with max fov and superior input devices

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As a “pc gamer”, I’m often embarrassed by the pc community. There’s this weird geek identity some pc gamers take, not dissimilar to some car enthusiasts, who somehow think their purchases represent who they are as a person. IDGAF what kind of exclusive a game is. If it makes me happy, I’ll play it.

The best game I played in 2019 was Bloodstained, a simple throwback side scroller. I played it on Xbox despite having a $2,400 PC. Anyone who is concerned about “dumbing down” their system has a much different idea of fun than I do.


Consoles, esp the PS4 and Xbox One are just PCs.

I get the sentiment but the same could be said about the Xbox. Why are you playing Gears 5 when you could be playing a better game?

Play what you want to play.


I totally feel you on that,

My $12,000 PC gets booted up & I can tell the disappointment when it’s Gears I’m booting up to play.

In fact, Windows even told me to “update” so it could run something else for a change and not get “dumb”.

So I get it.

As a comprise,

I told my PC that Crysis Remastered is coming soon.

It nearly ■■■■ itself with excitement.

But now, after I’ve read this thread, I told it, that the consoles are getting it too.

Even the Switch.

Damn. It refused to turn on.

The betrayal - it was hard to take for my PC.

At this point, I didn’t know what to do or say.

But then at the very last moment,

I said,



Gears Tactics!

Made for PC.

It even has a Benchmarking Tool!

Whiirrllllll - it sprung back into life!!!

Something, finally, even though it’s Gears related, PC!

I was like yeah, a few months of exclusivity!!

Damn. Shouldn’t have said that.

My PC said that’s like getting into Harvard/Oxford and then being excluded/expelled after a few months.


So now, yeah,

My PC is now upset, bored & unhappy,

But after so much Gears.

Now she’s dumb too.



I’m ready for Crysis Remastered, mind and soul. It’s time for SCAR and Pistols


Lol, it’s a machine that can play the games I like and do a multitude of other things.

I didn’t purchase the PC to play an Xbox game, I bought the Xbox game on PC so I didn’t have to own the Xbox.


I can’t wait to max it out at 1440p and hit about 22 FPS.

Brings back the memories of the original :joy:

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You mean all of his posts.


Except, Gears hasn’t been exclusive for a long time now, so your entire rant was completely pointless. Microsoft owns the IP, but the franchise went multiplatform with Gears, then it had exclusivity with 2 - Judgement. Starting with Gears Ultimate though, it’s remained completely multiplatform.

Phil has really confused a lot of people on how exclusivity works or even what it is. Did you know there are still people who think Rare Replay or Halo Infinite are exclusives? :joy::joy::joy:

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LuL you guys are replying to a @DOOM_OF_CHAOS_x thread.


I briefly got tired of blankly staring at my wall


What’s the point of this post?

I think Xbox exclusive is the wrong word.

It’s meant to be Microsoft exclusive. That means Window 10 as well which is Microsoft.