Gears 5 is a sinking ship

I’m not even gonna be nice about this. Dunno why TC seems insistent on digging their own grave with the Gears franchise according to every “”“tuning”"", but even with all our combined critiques, they’re either listening to select few who feed them their paychecks via microtransactions, or they’re being flat-out ignorant and making all these whacky changes in hopes to appeal to the ghost town population of eSports players.

Either way, their decision making is terrible and makes me wonder that they realise Gears 5 is on a collision course with the dirt, so are just throwing caution into the wind for lolz before scuttling the ship.

Case and point, the tuning. (I know a couple of bigshots like to whinge about people making their own threads about this topic.
Tough sh*t. Public internet forum, Until I am restricted to posting in another thread of utterly censored, I’m allowed to make as many posts on it as I damn well please. Don’t like, don’t read; it ain’t neurosurgery guv.)

Movement is slow and clunky. It no longer feels like my guy is wearing a suit of armour, but is just wading through molasses and superglue.
Weapon swapping feels like our guys are artheritimic OAPs trying to hoist 15kg weights over their shoulders.
Power weapons have been hit-and-miss. Mainly miss.

  • Boomshot is laughable. Water balloon launcher- nuff said.
  • Retro is starting to feel like the Gears 4 Retro (AKA, a bag of bollocks) it just needs a 10-round drop and a useless bayonet charge.
  • Enforcer has been utterly gutted. Seriously. WHO COMPLAINS ABOUT ENFORCER?!
    I’m all for tweaking some pickups, like the aim assist on the Longshot, but this just felt like total overkill.

And now, the Lancer.
These guys never take a hint. LEAVE IT ALONE FOR ONCE.
Another 10DPS drop has resulted in the staple AR becoming utterly worthless even as a support item. I’m tackling people in shotgun fights whilst they were supported by a Lancer without breaking a sweat or having any serious doubts.
They try to disguise this by claiming accuracy has been increased (which on paper sounds awesome) but it is so minute and unremarkable that the 10%DPS drop outweighs the supposed increase.
How can people not understand that doing 70% damage in 9 shots is a BIG PROBLEM, with no stopping power, active bonus or good accuracy to offset a weak shot?

It’s beyond the joke at this point.
Anyone up for playing Gears 1 UE with me whilst this game utterly crashes and burns?


Relax, it’s just a game and a forum for that matter.


Just a game that costs real money to play.
A defunct product that fails dismally for a lot of players because the server response changes the hit count, accuracy and damage you can take constantly from match to match regardless of yet more tuning.
One round MVP the next 5 kills for 15 deaths for instance because the server is so slow to respond that you are toast no matter what weapon you use or if you think you are in cover.
No amount of tuning or tweaks will make the game play any better until the server issues are fixed.


People with skill and experience are not the target audience of this franchise… Their mandate is to increase player base.

A game with a steep learning curve, where new players get immediately killed until they stick with it and get better is NOT what they want.

They want a game where brand new players get kills and dont die.

This is not a theory: they explicitly said so, several times, on various streams and in interviews.

All the changes are the result of what their player / game data tells them. So you can assume that new playwrs were getting killed by enforcers: so they nerf enforcers.

New players were getting crossed out, so they nerfed lancer.

New players were getting sniped, so they nerfed sniper weapons…

Etc, etc…

THIS is why they are doing it.

It has NOTHING to do with what people like us want or asked for.


Yaaawn :yawning_face:

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If you don’t care about the thread why did you enter it? 1581787449958 Didn’t think ahead did you


Ah. Another vs player moaning. Like there isn’t a whole population playing the other 3 game modes. Completely different games.

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Imagine the game were noobs dont play with tryhards because of working matchmaking and ranking systems? :hugs:


Isn’t there supposed to be a ranking system? If it actually worked, you would be fighting people of similar skill level so your point would be moot as it would be noobs vs noobs and try hards vs try hards.

So we don’t need to build a game catering to noobs not dying but one that is enjoyable with each weapon being useful.

If the population is low enough that it is not feasible to find games with those restrictions, they need to look at consolidating playlists.


I’m just tired of these posts, chill

ohhhh, yeah, exactly, I’ve been saying for a while… Don’t put noobs up against experienced people, and then there won’t be a problem… Or give them a real beginner coop vs ai experience to learn on (like in gow4)…

They just messed this up, and now are trying to compensate with… random tuning changes… ohh, well…

If you are really complaining the lancer needs a buff, you are a fool. Have you not played any matches?

They removed bloom. When facing a team of 4 that know what they are doing, the lancer is still devastating. To think it’s a useless weapon now is completely stupid.

How do you know TC didn’t talk with casual gamers? That it was solely pro players? What are you basing this on? That some loud mouth whiners here on the forums or Reddit represent everyone that plays? Dana said they use a wide variety of metrics and systems to see if the changes are well received or not.

To think this tuning is catering to new players is stupid. New players still lose to people who know how to play the game.

I don’t see how people can defend malignant gameplay that we were seeing and then use the co op of “lowering the skill gap” as if what they were doing was actual skill. Hate to break it to you kid, but wall canceling and up a’s aren’t a metric of skill.

Plus I’ve said it before, the speed is barely noticeable now that it’s been in for the past couple weeks

Side note: I’ve been using the enforcer more recently now just to try it out and am destroying with it. I would love to see the carnage pre nerf. It woulda been stupid. Same for the talon. With the slower speed these would have been horrible to play against. That’s why they were nerfed.

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