Gears 5 is a no-buy from me if it *ALSO* has less than 3 unique weapon choices

I thought this was something obvious, but apparently after getting into Gears 4 very late, it wasn’t.

I don’t know what possessed TC to outright remove a weapon that was as core to the franchise gameplay as the Lancer and the Gnasher, opposed to you know; balancing it, but I guess it needs to be stated that with how clearly underpowered and a non-choice the Enforcer is; there is less weapon choice in Gears of War 4 than there is in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

It felt like this series was evolving. There used to be what…five? Plus? Choices to be made in Judgement? And now I come back to the game to find it has less choice in playstyles than…ever?

Please, TC. Stop removing weapons, and do what no handler of Gears has done before.

Balance them.

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It should be just the gnasher and lancer. Everything else she be a pick up weapon.


Ok cool, see you in Gears 5


I agree completely. I’ve wrote many threads on this issue. I love the hammerburst. But more importantly I love variety and play styles. Gaming has evolved. This isn’t 2006. Ther s plenty of games that offer variety in play styles just look at battlefield or any other game for that matter. There’s ways to make things balanced. I stopped playing gears of war due to it becoming stale and a bit boring. There’s no variety and every battle turns out the same. If there isn’t a choice of weapon I’m gears 5 I will not pick this game up. I want the series to evolve. Once again there’s ways to make these things balanced, it was lazy of them to just outright remove the weapon from
Core gameplay. Big mistake. Many people including myself left when you took away their playstyle. Maybe it was op? Maybe it wasn’t. That’s not the issue. The issue is removing a way of playing entirely that people are not okay with. If you nerfed the HB I would’ve still used it because I enjoyed the sound and feel of the weapon.

Create more playstyle sin gears 5. I do not want the same gameplay from gears 4. It’s not going to sell your game as not many people play gears 4 at all anymore.

The less people that don’t buy it, the less people come here to complain about something.


Gears 5 is going to sell just fine if it sticks to its roots!


How can you decide already that you’re not gonna buy it when all we’ve seen/heard about it is the trailer :rofl:

People should stop comparing Gears to other games like Bf or CoD or even Halo. Gears is unique and it should stick to only Lancer, Gnasher and Snub at the starting loadout.

What do you guys want? Overpowered boomshot as spawn weapon? Or what. Even the Hammerburst is OP as a loadout weapon.

I am fine with Gnasher, Snub and Lancer keep it as it is. Sawed off and Retro as loadout ruined Gears 3.

Edit: And only real gears players play gears till this day on a daily basis. We love the movement, the gnasher battles, wall bouncing, crossing for your teammates. Gears has his own unique way which should stay this way. If you want to play other games and think Gears is boring…go on, there are plenty of games out there atm. But for me…no new game can touch gears of war


I agree, Gears has changed my life and even though I don’t play it as much as used(getting back into it) I still enjoy it, there are definitely some things that annoy me about the game, but I’ll never stop playing. Love it too much to stop. It’ll be sad for the franchise to come to an end when it does(hopefully never).

I will be waiting for the reviews first. I am not pre ordering it. As for the season pass or dlc they better do better than gears 4 season pass. Because the season pass on gears 4 was a rip

I’m gonna preorder no matter what, based on everything that’s happened from launch to now, I guarantee TC have taken in all feedback and information to making Gears 5 perfect for everyone, this is what I’m hoping for but I’m sure they won’t let us down.

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First the weapon wasn’t removed from the game, merely changed to a pick up.

Second, Gears Ultimate is Gears 1, and your only choice of starting weapons is Lancer/Gnasher/Snub/Smoke. Period.

Third, by having these weapons as a pick up it means they don’t have to be balanced as a starter. That means they can actually be more powerful than the weapons you spawn with. If they were starters, then the devs need to balance the weapon with other starters, which has shown to be actually impossible over the course of now 4 games (Gears 2, 3, J and 4). HB in every single game as a starter has either been too weak or too strong. A must-have or a do-not-even-bother. IDC what theorycraft you come up with to balance it, 4 games says it’s impossible.


You get my vote, totally agreement. I love that we are pretty “niche”

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It’s what makes gears different, same chances at the begining, same weapons, same “class”, 5v5 max, it’s what the core of the players like. And it’s team based, when you play alone in Battlefield (or others), you can do something against a team, in gears you just can’t.

Exactly ! That’s what make it perfect. You can’t for example say a chess game is stupid because it’s always the same, that’s the aim of it : two player having the same chances, one winning because he masters his weapons and move better/outplay the other. 1v1 with the same chances of winning is also what makes gears. After 90 days of playing gears 4, i still do some “new” movement in every game, movements in gears are way more varied than any other game.

Yeah, playstyle that is not gears play style, there’s no “mistake” in removing a weapon that encourage people to camp like in all the other games you mentioned. I’ve stopped using HB in gears 3 because it ruined the game, it wasn’t gears. Having HB as a pickup weapon is very smart.

The only point i agree on, Gears will never sell as much as other AAA multiplayer based games. That’s what Judgment tried to do, it was a big big big failure.
For all the reasons mentioned above, it’s not an easy game to play, it demands devotion and has a very slow progression curve. It’s not made for everyone.

But, TC has announced big big changes, it makes me scared and i think you might be happy with the new gears (and of course, i won’t).

PS: sorry, english is not my first language.

It goin to be on gamepass,no reasoning to buy it:)

You can play Gears 5 and feel the power of the COG or you can whine forever about how Gears is “ruined” when the only thing ruined is your mental state.
Surely you can complain and there’s like a one in a million chance that something will change but most fans are happy and will remain happy because since Gears 1, it’s always been god damn Gears of War, maybe JD was a little stale as a character, maybe the horror factor dropped significantly, maybe you didn’t like a certain weapon for whatever reason, but it’s the same every damn game.

Gears is Gears, love it or leave it.


We disagree. Hammerburst has been in since gears 2. It’s a playstyle people have adapted to.

More variety means more playstyles. Only a plus for the series if balanced correctly.

Gears of war needs to evolve or the same thing that happened to 4 will be 5s invevitable fate. Micro transactions did not kill gears 4. But stale gameplay did because even the gameplay that was designed for 4 was messed up at launch with gnasher not so much for myself… but given complaints from the community at the time as a whole. competitive play. All those things combined drove players away…

I see where you’re coming from with the same gameplay and relating it to chess. But I don’t believe that’s how video games are played. Chess doesn’t put out a new chess board game with different rules every couple of years. It doesn’t need to change. But when a new video game comes out it’s expected to keep things and grow. Not remove.

I don’t remember people gliding through the air, back and forth between cover without touching anything in gears 1…

Adaptation and balance are not mutually exclusive.

You can ADAPT to Gears where everyone starts with a Boomshot. You can argue this is BALANCED because everyone starts equally. Doesn’t change the fact that the core dynamics of the game go out the window. Hence why the Snowball events have a modified Boomshot that only gibs if you hit someone. Otherwise it would be an unplayable mess.

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