gEARS 5 is a let down

I must admit, I was like a little boy on Christmas eve awaiting the arrival . Bought a new PC, top of the line for me, with all the goody’s in it. Was really excited, paid out the , for a new rig, had to put a new PSU in it to make it work at 3800 x 2140 resolution, a 840 power supply unit. Bought the game in advance, and alas, the let down. Game does not crash my new PC anymore, but man, you guys have done a terrible job making this version. Must of admit, Gears 4 is much better. I am really let down in this new version…


You got a top tier rig for Gears 5? Ouch. On the plus side there’s a metric ton of great PC games to take its place. Gears 4 runs well (on my rig anyways).