Gears 5 Is A Disgrace To The Franchise!

Hey all Shepard Gaming here again, and while the initial plan for this video was for it to be an in-depth critique of the new horde mode, I felt like this video needed to be made first as I’ve had a lot of these issues with the game in the back of my mind for a while, and the new terminator characters cemented how I feel. I still love the gears franchise and truly hope the game does improve down the line, but at the moment with bigger and better games coming out soon, as well as gears of war 4 being in a great spot, I just don’t see much of a reason to keep playing gears 5.

Let me know what you think of this video as well since my last 3 videos for the game have done really well with the community and fans! Also yes I’m still a little sick so my voice sounds stuffy at times :frowning:


Try to enjoy it while you can because it’ll be the end of our beloved franchise at GoW6


Well if they change course with gears 6 and make it a drastically better game, there is still hope for the franchise.


“Microtransactions are bad guys, btw can you give me some money on Patreon?”

Aside from that, you had a handful of good points. Most of it I disagree with.


Supporting a large company like Microsoft is different from supporting YouTubers who want to do it full time/viewers that also want more entertaining/helpful videos.


With regards multiplayer I completely agree, and will continue to play Gears 4 with the outside hope that Gears 6 is brought back to what the majority of Gears fans want. I don’t often outright regret buying a game but honestly if I could go back in time I’d have spent £1 on the gamepass and just gone through the campaign. MP on Gears 5 is a big middle finger to the Gears franchise IMHO.


Loved the video, watched it last night and agree with everything you said just don’t see why it’s necessary that in today’s day in age of gaming there’s a strange celebration of “when a game gets better” especially given that the Gears franchise NEEDED this to be successful off the bat because it doesn’t have time, like everyone has said when this game eventually gets its final tuning everyone will have already be moved on.

Definitely going to end up being like halo where you have halo 5 being very controversial for the community and as a result we get halo infinite that seems to be getting back to its roots. Hopefully gears does the same with 6.


Great video! They’re still not going to listen, but I agree with everything said


I personally think clickbait titles are a disgrace too. A completely negative video title. Did you not like anything from Gears 5? Can’t you make it sound like you’re in middle ground? I was watching this over breakfast, didn’t finish video because it was too long. Why is there footage from other games? Just to prolong the video time? It seems like a casual gamer’s point of view who plays Ranked and not happy with MTX or how Ranked work. What about the more dedicated players who focus on Horde on Escape? I don’t see other popular Gears YouTubers making completely negative clickbait titles. This just encourages further toxic behaviour in community. But whatever gets you views. The lack of characters is not a bad thing because it’s a massive grind to max their cards in PvE modes. Which you probably don’t even play much of cos you’re Re-up 1.

Besides, who is this video targeted for? Just fans that view the game as negative, so they instantly click just to go yes-man at every points? As someone on forums, I’ve heard literally all those issues on daily basis. Your video doesn’t even introduce any new points. They are completely old. There is many other videos on same thing that it’s almost copy and paste.

Sure there are issues at times and everything is not perfect. But some of us don’t view the game in complete negative light. As long as it works and is playable, it’s fine. And as long as they update contents, the game would go on with its live service model. These videos exaggerating the same things and points are a disgrace.

Or you can just call it “Gears 5 community may be disgrace to franchise”. Because it seems many are. “Total Disgrace” is over the top. You could work on that title and include less footage / comparison from other games. Some people don’t even play those and have no idea what you’re on about.


So by me putting an ending thing about patreon that’s about 10 seconds, and then having it appear as a noninvasive text for 5 seconds was enough to distract you from the video? That’s far less than many Youtubers do.


A toxic community… What do you expect when you sell an incomplete game? They don’t even compensate for their faults. They could have given us Delta characters and locust to atleast cheer up fans, but no they want to be stubborn with a game that already suffers from low population. They act as if their ideas are all amazing. The reverse omen, 6 shot gnasher paired with the new reload system, flash/stun grenades, no bloom lancer and the list goes on. Instead of forcing these things onto the players they should have asked or had a poll. Stop defending TC.


He or she was just pointing out the hypocrisy, which is more than valid.


Is there a way for me to upload my xbox recordings to somehwere? I want to link on here or on twitter to show these devs what a unbelievable giant ■■■■■■■■ these mp matches in europe are. Everyday im getting more and more angry what a focking mess this is.

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I’m also in Europe and its obvious that TC don’t give a flying **** about the gamers over here. Glad I got Gears on Gamepass, cause I’d be really pissed off if I paid full price for such a broken game.


the only reason i am not quiting is in the hope that it will get better and i want to keep my current skill

I did a forum post about your video lol. True facts !

I paid full price £70 and i’m feeling the pain! I learnt my lesson that the next Gears game I use game pass instead.

Chat with Microsoft support. They usually do a one time courtesy and refund you. Hit them where it hurts.

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It actually won’t. This isn’ a Trilogy, they already said it, it’s a saga, it’s going to continue

Also no, thats not the g1 cubstomp. Go back and play it. They do not do any ice skating twirling… (unless u spin ghe char with the stick in circle. But thats not what it looked like in g1 either

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