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Gears 5 is 22nd Most Played Game On Xbox

Despite being just a month old. Despite being a game pass main attraction. Despite getting weeks of play time from Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, and other top content creators.

No one can fault Gears for not surpassing Fortnite, GTA, and 2K. But not even being in the top 10 is pathetic. Gears is suppose to be a system seller! It had insane marketing and hype around it. The message is clear.

The casuals don’t like it enough to stay. The veterans don’t like it. The pros don’t like it. The content creators don’t like it. Who was this game made for?

The end of Gears 4 was actually pretty good! You had tons of content; characters, maps, skins, modes, and more. Technical issues were mostly fixed. Balancing issues were mostly fixed. Microtransanctions and low player base were the big complaints.

All of that was thrown out the window to start over it seems with Gears 5. A weak map selection, a weak roster, abhorrent balancing on the lancer, mace, and flash, server inconsistencies unseen since Gears 2, atrocious damage omen, laughable progression system, overpriced store items, and so much more.

I work as a full stack software developer. It should have been an easy and common sense decision to carry over assets from Gears 4. Tweaking minor areas and improving upon what we already had was what people continue to ask for. Not deciding to make game altering design choices for the sake of who knows what. I’m very disappointed.


Gears will never be a big main popular game for long casual players don’t like to play it as much… Gears 4 also fell off hard the most played list as well in the beginning the Xbox most played list also lacks variety too three maddens 2 nba games multiple cods as well I Don’t get xbox players lol


Keeps going down


That is pretty bad considering it is one of Xbox’s flagship titles, it’s available on GP so you can essentially play the game for a fraction of the price, its new and there hasn’t been a decent competitive online shooter released for a while.


They tried to bring in players from different games but they didn’t like it, gears fans want gears so it’s common sense they wouldn’t like it. So the only people who like it now are the people who like gears casually but were crap at the game. Same thing happened with judgement. If they change it back to how gears 2/3 those players who like 5 will be gone. Anyone who is still playing this game and likes it can’t play gears 3 without the sawned off. That’s my opinion anyway. Same goes for tc octus. he can’t play gears 1-3, but he now loves gears 5 cos it’s more casual. That’s why it’s crap lol…


Damn that’s bad and hard to defend that one.

It’s the most played on my Xbox currently for relevancy


Couldn’t have said it any better myself, anyone who puts a decent amount of time will realize this isn’t the game it used to be and they targeted a much different audience than past gears. The old players just went to gears 4 or apex / fortnite. It’s funny how they shot themself in the foot again.


22nd? Wow, it’s going up. /s

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Add the source (gameplay charts) please. Thx.

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This is normal for gears
Gears 4 was same or worse


GOW versus mechanics are just fundamentally repugnant to most players. Anyone who hasn’t been with the series for a long time will go into a versus match and be completely perplexed. This problem was surely exacerbated by the beyond-broken ranking system, which routinely places chainsaw noobs into matches with players who are skilled veterans. The gameplay mechanics are the most idiosyncratic of any major shooter, and nothing is done to educate new players or ease them into the experience.

As a campaign game, Gears 5 seems to have been a success. As a multiplayer game with long-term appeal, it’s just way too niche to maintain a large player base.


Gears 4 also wasn’t as accessible as Gears 5 is due to Game Pass so by deafult it should have a lot more people playing. Try again.


What do you expect? The studio making gears is absolutely clueless with no passion. Gears of war is suppose to be a action packed game from start to finish. Instead it’s become some drama with stupid characters and ■■■■■■ story. There wasn’t one mission in this campaign that made me go " Wow!". Just awful what happened to this franchise.


I’m not sure where this idea that Gears is a super duper ultra mega system selling hyper popular IP comes from. Gears never was, and never will be, popular enough to be a system seller all on its own, even going back to Gears 1. Gears’ popularity peaked with 3, and that wasn’t the biggest name in gaming at the time then either. You’ll never hear about a launch night for Gears the same way you will for Halo, or Call of Duty, or Uncharted.


GOW1 sold much better than GOW3, and was definitely a system seller in that early 360 period. It was the biggest thing on the 360 for a year until Halo 3.


It was the only noteworthy first-party game on the system until Halo 3. The 360’s library was barren for the first 18 months.

Ask yourself, how many communities that aren’t this one or the Gears subreddit can you think of have people excited to play the hot new Gears title? Because I can’t think of very many. How many game of the year awards has any given Gears game gotten over something like Uncharted, or Batman Arkham. Or the raw money-printing power of Call of Duty or Halo. Not counting this weird controversy, how many people do you honestly think talk about Gears?

The highest-selling games (being 1 and 2) in the series o my managed to hit 5 million copies apiece after a collective 3 year period, when the most important time for a game’s sales to matter at all is its launch week.


Gears mechanics are much different then many other games. Not many games can replicate its movements, therefore making it a much harder sell to newer consumers. Additionally, it’s just exclusive to one system. Can you imagine if it was released on PS also? Sales would be much higher.

I really don’t think no matter how far this franchise wants to go, that it will ever be as popular as it should be.

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Go on google and type in Xbox most played, click the official Xbox website and boom, it’s the same in the EU region TC have royally ■■■■■■ this game, I defended gears 4 for a long time but they have completely ■■■■■■ themselves on this one.

This game has game pass and steam release and is dying out at a much quicker pace then Gears 4 did.


GOW 2 in 2008 sold as much as GOW 1 did, which sort of puts a hole in your “no other noteworthy games” argument. I’m not saying that GOW is currently a series with major widespread appeal, but it definitely was during the 360 era (particularly with the first two releases). The “Gears formula” has remained relatively static since 2006 (despite the outcry of the GOW community to the contrary), while the preferences and tastes of gamers have changed dramatically. That’s the basic reason why the stature of GOW has declined.


Higher than I thought it would be at this point.