Gears 5 installation issue (Series X)

Attempting to install Gears 5 on Series X console with the game disk. System prompts me to download the upgraded version. After a few seconds a message pops up saying Gears 5 requires 42.48 GB total to install and prompts me to free up space on the internal storage. After freeing up 95GB worth of space the message keeps repeating. The error number is 0x80070070. Anyone else having this issue?

Gears 5 for me on series X takes up 97.7GB, try freeing up a bit more space and see if the error pops up again, if the error does pop up again you can try a power cycle (although im assuming you have already tried this).

That seems to have worked. Not sure why it was saying like 46 gb when it actually needed more than 100 gb. Thank you.

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I think the other 55 gb is coming from the disk. Still the system should have taken into account the full space needed rather than the part it was trying to download from the server.