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Gears 5 improvements, it's the little things

So I’m just thinking of all the little ways that make gears versus, gears versus. And so far in the first tech test I was kinda let down by a few things. Let me know if you felt the same way or your honest thoughts and opinions.

  1. Holding RB to rev your chainsaw bayonet.

I had a tough time to say the least. Between it reloading and jamming to it just not even responding when I held RB. If TC wants to keep it fine. As gamers we adapt, BUT if we could simply have the option to change how we rev our chain saw to a “classic” button layout then I think you’ll please vast amounts of people. Sometimes you need you chainsaw as a last resort immediately to stay alive or for the round.

  1. Not seeing the points pop up slightly off center screen when you kill, down or execute someone.

When I see 50 points fly up I know without a shadow of doubt I downed my opponent. I actually got the kill without looking on the kill feed. It’s just appreciated to confirm I’ve downed them. Or got the assist point knowing that someone else cleaned that person up.

  1. No curb stop readily available from the starting line up of executions.

It’s one of my all time favorite and still do it when I can. It’s very simple and gets a little bit of disrespect in. Should just be able to tap Y button and their it is. I know TC said it will PROBABLY add it on later. We will see.

From here is just something I would like to see added in the game. If TC is reading thank you. Please at least consider my ideas. Thank you.

  1. Different meatsheild executions

I’ve always wanted to drop some one to their knees and blow their brains out with the boltok Maria style (Too soon?) Even make that an alternative boltok execution would be dope. Short and sweet! Even whilst holding MS getting brain matter on your character would be EPIC.

  1. Please bring back the quick execution with the gnasher as gears 2 had it.

I know we have the HR one but if your tap B with gnasher equipped then he should just “whoops” swing that bad boy one good time and see grub skull rolling.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. Let me know if I’m spot on or way off.
Happy grub hunting!

theres a main feedback thread for Gears 5

Thanks. How do I get there. It’s been a while since ove used the forums youngblood.

Should be pinned to the top when you go to new threads

Can I leave this page up and post this exact thing in their? Hows going to read my 838th post? Do you think TC will actually read it?

The mods will most likely merge it. TC wants 1 main thread to read through instead of 500 different ones


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