Gears 5 if only they had

I took my time to read a lot of other comments and topics before sharing my thoughts so here it is. As I have played this game I have had so much expectation build up just to experience a very disappointing outcome.

I think what if when we spend so much time leveling up that are Re-Ups will be well rewarded. Maybe with skins or iron or things that matter. And of course a new look to show others in lobbies we have worked hard. In gears 4 there were different colors in gears 5 there is nothing

I think what if medals that are earned can actually be shown off in lobbies? We show off marks instead of medals but medals look way cooler and u grind to earn them not just create them or be given them. Gears 3 had this option and it was my favorite thing to grind for.

I think what if tour of duty rewards actually rewards you with things that matter and u want… you get only 400 iron after grinding to complete it in 3 months time and still can’t afford a 1000 iron cosmetic. Why give us banners as a reward? That should automatically be given when we get enough stars, seems a bit greedy on

I just feel overall for the amount of time I commit to the game I’m not being rewarded enough to excite me to play even more. I enjoy the game and online but I don’t want to play anymore if I feel I drop hundreds of hours without being able to show it off and feel rewarded.

Hope developers listen. Peace


The rewards are lame and do not motivate to grind at all.