Gears 5 ideas / suggestions

It would be nice if stats would reset for each season, k/d , w/l ,ect… as well as keeping a overall for every season, and this may have already been changed I don’t know, but what you were placed in a previous season should have nothing to do with how your initial placement will be in a new season. It should solely be based on how you did in your placement matches.
If you guys would just give us all previous maps that we have had to pay for already multiple times and create some new ones for the new game that would amazing and I’m sure
would go down in history as one of the greatest things ever done for a player community making Gears 5 the most versatile fan favored/friendly game of the series or any series for that matter .we shouldn’t have
to pay for a map 4 different times because it’s in each version of the game. In gears 2 they gave us the flashback map pack . Feedback???

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I like old and new maps!

R N G!!

Four player campaign.

Unfortunately, it looks like this won’t be the case for Del and Kait side.
But could be possible for JD’s squad.