Gears 5 ideas for TC

Just want people to say their ideas of what they think gears 5 would need to be a good game where people play it longer than gears 4. I have one no micro transaction on characters make them be unlockable by levels and achievements. Make the weapon camos be the micro transaction. And let gears 5 be more interesting than 4 and judgement.

Bring back more maps, not just the popular ones.

The best ideas come from Brain Storming. I can only say that I want a Gears of War that we have not seen. I want different player vs player modes. Maybe add Grubhole battles? Or Wormhole Racing lol or maybe using those elevators (Dom and Marcus) that were used in Gears 2 to reach the Locust Hive. I can be really creative with Gears I really love this franchise and want it to reach a new level someday. HMU if you would ever like to discuss ideas👍

I would actually suggest the opposite. No more remakes or rehashed maps. I would’t wanna see 1 map from the past games

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New ideas and currently existing features are two very different things.
I would suggest that TC could learn from what made previous games successful, and take out and implement the best features from each games. For instance:

  • 4-players Co-op Campaign, 2-players sometimes makes the atmosphere a little dull and allow more friends to join in the action-packed story.

  • Arcade Mode for Campaign with points and challenges similar to Declassified Campaign.

  • Single Weapon Tuning, would make it easier to make little changes and nerfs to weapons and help increase the population in given game modes, and Versus.

  • Horde 2.5 which is a hybrid of Gears of War 3 and 4 Horde, the class based system wasn’t successful since being too reliant on eachother and encouraged further quitting, and let us manage our own earned power or money ($), rather than shared across whole team in case someone abuses who the currency belongs to, although Horde Skills were a great addition.

  • Beast Mode 2.0, the Swarm and Scions might evolve with additional newer variants and newer creatures. It would be a good opportunity to fight against the Outsiders, COG’s and DeeBees.

  • Medal System, this was one of the features that encouraged time dedication to show off what you’ve achieved throughout the game modes and Campaign, something to work towards to.

  • Armour and Weapon Skins, while Judgment featured some flashy Armour Skins, this could be reworked so they aren’t too silly nor colour confusion, but don’t have to be used.

  • Free For All, you know about the Battle Royale craze but the idea kind of came from Judgment which was also a great game mode for those who don’t wish to rely on team mates. Maybe allow being able to choose pretty much any factions, COG’s, DeeBees, Swarm or Outsiders.

  • Boomshields and Meatshields, instead of Snub Pistol, Boltok, Gorgon SMG equipped, it was better and more interesting to equipped double handed weapons like Gnasher. Imagine if there was a special event called Gladiator or Colloseum Free For All, where everyone starts with Boomshields and Gnashers.

  • Allow dropping off ledges on Maps, this was one of the coolest features that Judgment did right and was more realistic. If you’re on high ground and want to drop down, we should feel free to be able to as it interacts with environment more with additional freedom.

  • Additional environmental hazards and weather effects, perhaps nearly all outdoor Maps could have a certain weather effect or newer ways to kill each other using the Map. There were pods on the ceiling in Campaign, and these could have been implemented on some Maps to drop onto players. Would be nice to have more interactive switches like on Forge for flames and Security for lasers.

  • Preset Executions, Gnasher had two different executions, the golf club swing and the newer, current one in Gears of War 4. Perhaps we could go to some kind of menu to select out of three executions we’d prefer for each weapons. This could encourage more gruesome combat and executions in gameplay. The extended execution had face punch, arm rip, and the current Swarm execution. Would be nice to choose from multiple ones.

Will be great playing the campaign with four players instead of just two.

  1. No Microtransactions
  2. 60HZ Server
  3. Better Hit Regestration
  4. Better Respawns ( KOTH)
  5. New Maps( not re make old cards we have buyed a new game and not old stuff)
  6. From the beginning ban Quitter / Afk People not after 2 years
  7. 4 Player co-op
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New Maps please!!!
South African server

I think that the only way they are ever going to compete with gears 3 is if they have no micro transactions, because IMHO gears 3 is by far the best gears there is and by grinding for everything you get other than like weapon skins it elevates the premise for grinding the game and being happy for the stuff you have. I know they will deliver a story worth playing, but I just hope its a game that I’m going to be able to want to continue to play to get certain characters instead of just buying them.

Gears 3 did have Microtransactions.
Season Pass, DLC’s, Weapon Skins, Xbox Live Avatar… etc.
It’s just the way they release and sell Microtransactions, to even be as good as Gears 3.
Like we’d rather have guaranteed purchase than a chance to get something.

Of course, I totally agree with that. I just meant like the packs no incentive to grind for stuff you have or show it off like the medals you earned in gears 3. Again though I totally agree just hoping for the bbest game possible.