GEARS 5- Ideas for new characters in horde

I like the game a lot. I feel like my desire for Gears franchise has been reborn! I fell off with judgement and G4 even though I played both I didnt stick around. I’ve had the game since sept 5th and I havent even done the campaign yet having too much fun on horde and some other extra modes. Horde has always been my main thing since G3. I have a lot of thoughts about the game mode in its current state but this is mostly for future character class/ultimate/passive ideas. I really love the direction they are going making each character special and unique. I know a lot of people are put off by that but it makes sense and makes them feel like full on characters and not just a skin. baird is an engineer type of guy. if you like baird but dont like engineer… idk man you dont really wana be baird then i guess. i was never a huge fan of marcus honestly. hes fine and he grew on me through all the games especially this one and G3 G4, but I’ve always been a Dom guy. Anyway, the point is I play as him. hes my play style and I’ve learned to like the character even more as i see how alike we are and how badass he is haha.

So on to the main point of the post. I got what I think are some interesting ideas for future characters. For things to remain awesome the new heroes got to remain unique. Some of these ideas could go to anyone but I’ll through in desired characters too.

class - scout or offense
ultimate - maybe he can lay down three explosive traps? like mines? or trip wires? maybe it gives him a HUGE stim amount that allows him to be invincible for 10 seconds and he can do frontal executions on drone types (similar to kait but he can be seen still)?
passive - capable of reviving himself by tapping B repeatedly for 15 seconds (similar to in vs modes you can get up on your own after some time) maybe some kinda cards to compensate for gaining more power like kait? or make the tap to get up on your own a card and it reduces how long it takes as it upgrades.
thoughts - I know dom has a commando background so he should be tough. maybe this means he can revive himself slowly. could save the team sometimes or could make it viable for him to lone wolf it a bit longer than most.

class - support
ultimate - show all enemies through walls for a good amount of time MAYBE also pops up a decoy to distract boss/scions for ten seconds
passive - every enemy she marks OTHERS can do slightly more damage to
thoughts - Anya comes from an intelligence background. She was always giving info to the cogs on the ground so makes sense to me that she would have skills relating to that. I would also hate if jack was to be the only support character to come out of all this. there are too many possibilities for supporting nature characters and would be nice if jack wasn’t 100% necessary to be on the team and their were some alternatives. Anya couldnt replace him but could be some other medic type character or maybe one that passes out stim somehow and then offensively ‘orders’ to the heroes and gives them all active reload bonus like the officer from star wars bf2 can do but by way of an ult that goes to everyone (next three reloads for everyone are perfect reloads something like that.

class - engineer
ultimate - something to do with hammer of dawn. maybe stuns all mechanical enemies on the field for ten seconds with a computer virus (including bastions to stop their shields temporarily)
passive -idk whatever dels is lol i dont play engineer but i know he can buy things cheaper? repair better? whatever he does.
thoughts - i feel like especially in G5 baird is so locked into the hammer of dawn would seem like it was missing if he didnt get to use it somehow as ultimate. if thats too offensive for an engineer then i guess the virus to stun all mechanical enemies would be interesting and strategic as you gota know if the wave would be effected and could def help when you got the shepards running you down in the base or you got two or three bastion covered ice guys and you need that shield down asap.

class - scout or offense
ultimate - cole screams woooo! and your roadie run will knock enemies over and stagger heavies while also doing a bit of damage. cole is invincible or stimmed up to do this for 10 seconds
passive - something about picking up power if scout. if offensive can get pilfer ammo after every so many melee kills.
thoughts - cole has to be tough and in your face. since he is in your face he should probably be a scout so he has a reason to be out there. i was tempted to say he should get some kind of ‘hype’ ability that lets players very near him get some kinda boost. that may be better as an order ability from hoffman or jinn if they ever come to the game.

i could list a lot more characters id like to see but ill just start with this and let you all chew on it. come up with ideas for characters you dont see and add them in the comments! still lots to choose from. garron, sam, griffin, jace, tai, anyone. any carmines (though i feel there should be one and it just gets skins of all the others lol… tho it would be cool to one day be able to do an entire horde match as all the carmine family haha.) speaking of skins lets get an epic skin for one of the ladies to be maria santiago! her only time to shine was getting killed by her husband haha LETS FIX THIS #MARIASTIMETOSHINE lol.