Gears 5 Ice Obsession?

I’m curious as to why TC seems to be obsessed with ice/cold in Gears 5.

  1. The intro to the game shows all of the company logos under ice
  2. Cryo Cannon
  3. Re-imagining the damage omen, in part, to show ice damage different from normal damage
  4. The top ReUp skins are all “Team Ice” weapon skins, meaning they must see these as the most coveted
  5. So many “Winter Armor” skin variants
  6. Making specific changes to the Ice Bound map for better competitive play, but not other maps (not saying they should makes changes to other maps, but to-date, its the only map they have made any changes to that I’m aware of)

It really bothers me because ice was only a small part of the story:
Tutorial: industrial city setting
Act 1: lush, green jungle of Azura, followed by city warzone
Act 2: icy Mount Kadar
Act 3: red sand deserts of Vasgar
Act 4: city warzone

Shouldn’t there have been a return of the Scorcher (fire) to go along with Vasgar (hot desert) if they were also going to introduce the Cryo Cannon for Mount Kadar (cold mountain)? I mean, people have even randonly spotted the Scorcher icon in-game when making a kill.

Also, bringing back the Digger from Azura, since it was in Gears 3 and Azura was the spot of the final boss battle of that game, would have made people very happy as well.

Just seems like for some reason, this whole game revolves around ice… which pretty much coincides with the cold shoulder most people have given this game since launch, so at least TC are consistent! :rofl:


Maybe just maybe they have ice running through their veins? Or maybe they are ice cold? Or maybe they are from Canada where it does get pretty cold? Maybe because they are cold blooded?


I’m sure there’s some kind of thematic/symbolic element to it but it goes over my head if so lol. Because like you alluded to, we spend more time in not icy places than in them.


I’m sure we’ll be seeing more Desert themed skins soon, since TC have already started with Baird without even bothering to give Lizzie a Winter Armor skin(no, I’m not letting that one slip through the cracks - if they wanted to get lots of $ from Iron sales for this Baird skin they could have waited for a week, heck, there were plenty of times where they could have put a Winter skin for Lizzie in but no, it just is mysteriously not appearing) when even Fahz and JD received one already.

And Icebound probably was just changed because of it getting the most complaints about it from the Versus players while the other maps haven’t received… as much of it, let’s say. I don’t think it has much to do with this winter theme if it is a thing.

the games have had a seasonal themes before. Gears 2 had a winter setting, 3 was summer.


The game’s release was at the beginning of winter.

I’ll give it to us, we never run out of new things to hate on.


I’m not hating on it, I just find it really odd considering so little time is spent in ice during the campaign.

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It’s called a “theme” and I thought it was a pretty cool one.


For me the theme is ice because of the part in campaign that takes place under the ice. “Secrets under the ice” just like the logos at the start of the game.

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I see what you did there.


Rod Fergusson was chewing on ice while brainstorming for themes

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Or watching an NHL game

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Nah, if he was watching an NHL game Gears 5 would be testorone pumped and violent

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Have you played PvP?

Tons of it, I love the executions in this game, bloody.
The campaign was the least violent gears game I’ve played (didn’t play 4 because 100+ gigs download on PC)

I loved the part where the gear got ripped to shreds by the flock and the motorcycle cole

Yeah Gears 2 was the bloodiest by default because of the worm

So Cole smashing a Swarmak’s head in using a giant mech’s fists isn’t brutal? Or Oscar getting his neck snapped by a Warden, or Del or JD getting theirs snapped by the “Queen”?

Don’t take this too seriously. Just messing with ya. I can see what you mean with this when you look at RAAM stabbing Minh, the Riftworm or some of the Lambent(Gunkers, notably). But I don’t think there was too much place for stuff like that in 5s Campaign.

Fun fact, TC originally were trying to bring back the Scorcher but it morphed into the Cryo cannon (from Dana on one of the recent dev streams),

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I think they should still add the scorcher. “Melt the ice to reveal the secrets” fits the theme of campaign.

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Because the theme of Tactics will be “fire” and they thought tagging them “ice and fire” alongside GoT would be awesome.