Gears 5 Ice Lancer Weapon Skin Prices Are Insane

As far as I’m aware the ice lancer weapon skin is only available with the Gears 5 themed Seagate HDD. I checked Google and you can buy it new for £90. However, eBay sellers are trying to sell just the lancer skin from £50 - £74 and one seller is trying to sell the lancer skin and Kait skin for £125! Personally I wouldn’t mind buying either skin if they were £5 - £10 each as it’d save me a lot of money but these prices are utterly ridiculous. However, their prices match the idiotic prices of The Coalitions own store on Gears 5.

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The Seagate itself is probably worth the investment.


You jelly brah?

Jk :joy:

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While this true don’t forget ice skin kait diaz skins that price is a big rip off from nearly every ebayer selling them.

man i should of put mine up for sale i got the 5 TB seagate came with the Lancer ,Gnasher and Snub

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Coalition has said that these skins will be released in the store in the future.

Do NOT buy it off ebay.

Just an official link to back this up. Do not buy ice skins off eBay. I would also say, don’t buy expensive tech just to get the skins.


I’ve already got all these skins but dont know how