Gears 5 I want to discuss how much I appreciate the level of customization for control

As the title implies, what I’m referring to is how in-depth the settings for controller and probably M&K are. For instance, I have realized after watching some videos from pro players talking about certain secret settings and button mapping techniques combined with using Xbox accessories and a Elite Series 2 Golden Chrome Custom built controller that there is so many ways to play now.

Like for real. I think the biggest edition or rather what has completely revolutionized the way I play Gears of War is how the game has an actual button mapping page in the settings. This is actually huge because however they did it, you can come up with some nasty configurations if you combine it with Xbox accessories button mapping. A button mapping option both in game and on Xbox accessories is huge. I don’t want to explain some of the config’s that I have because they are actually so OP and EZ to use I don’t want TC to remove it. It’s not cheating by any means cause anybody can do it, but I feel like if I describe it they’ll remove it just to be mean. XD

I’m really glad though that TC add’d a IN-GAME button mapping option because if you combine it with Xbox accessories it adds so many way to play. I will confess that I really do appreciate that this game has so many options including single stick movement which is actually really strong if you know how to use it especially while wall bouncing in a Gnasher fight. The secret settings, button mapping both in game and using Xbox accessories on top of it as well as changing the pace of the game really does allow for so many play styles, and movement. I absolutely love it.