Gears 5 I have to still buy Cole to use the Cole train skin!

After 25 rounds of gridiron, I unlocked the Cole train skin for Cole, but I still have to purchase Cole? Quite frankly, that made me mad. Why?? With the cog gear, I got the same problem with the onyx guard skins… This is outrageous and unfair… who’s idea was this.

When I play against bots, I noticed some things, they can kill you while not looking at you, and players can do that to, as I see when I’m in combat and during kill cam. And another thing, the hitbox is stupid, I’ve noticed through killcams that most players are getting kills when the shot is not even hitting me. The way I see it, that’s cheating… Please fix this…


you don’t have to buy characters you can unlock them with the totem system. Its in the customization section to the far right. You first buy the totem with SCRAP (not iron) and then finish the achievements, once completed BOOM free character.

I’ve come to accept that kill cam isn’t accurate.

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Breh it takes like 30 minutes now to unlock a character for free.


Gears 3 progression is held up a lot as an example, but honestly, it wasn’t as great as people think it is. Having to play certain modes for certain character skins.

30k xp isn’t a lot. Even without boost.

And I wouldn’t take kill cam stuff too seriously. Kill cams only give you an indication of how you died, not the real thing. TC admitted this themselves.

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Yup. Lag still applies so what is shown in kill cam isn’t necessarily an accurate representation.

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Also regarding the unlocks, this applies to all post-launch characters. The initial characters required alot more work to unlock. The latest ones like Cole and Clayton are a cakewalk. It’s not a great system, but it beats only having the option to pay for them. We can unlock them for free.

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How many times does TC have to state that you need the base character to use a skin for that character. It’s ridiculous every single time new characters have dropped TC has stated you need the character to use any skin for it. When you buy a skin in the store and you don’t have that character you get a warning. Get the ■■■■ over it, this fan base is so whiny. We wanted character unlocks we got them.


It’s not “cheating”, that’s just the kill cam. Kill cam’s are never 100% accurate. Same goes for other games, too. I’ve seen some snipes where the player completely missed but got the kill, whereas on their screen, they were probably right on the head. I hate kill cams in every game because of this. I have kill cams turned off in Gears 5


What in the world are you screeching about? Cole is 100% free, all you have to do is craft the totem for 100 scrap and earn 30,000 XP. You sound like a hysterical Twitter bluecheck.


Speaking facts bro! I’m so tired of these whiners like I feel bad for the coalition with how toxic these people are

Yeah personally I liked how gears 4 started tying exclusive skins to achievements like the emerald gear and the gilded raam as those flex characters. I like the tour of duty now but they just need to put cooler stuff in it

Literally every hero game does this.

Calm down and play a match of Horde for your skin.

Yes, thank the GODS Gears has now , finnaly joined the ranks of “hero games,” eh?

I don’t think it’s a good thing just saying every-other Hero based game (like Gears 5) has this system.

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Does anyone know why it’s saying I’ve only got 3 skins for Cole, but I actually have 4 but won’t let me use the fourth

Restart your game

This is just common sense when did it say you would get the character?

You are complaining about having to pay a tiny amount of scrap to unlock a totem and then play for a couple of hours to unlock a character that you get just by earning XP, which costs nothing? TC may be many things, but being misleading about how you unlock characters, and that buying a skin does not mean you get access to the base model, is not one of them.

I’m also not sure what your second point, about bots and cheats, has to do with buying Cole, either.