Gears 5. How are people lowering ALL of their weapons? That is so cool for chilling xD


Gears 5 is making a comeback in my honest opinion. The whole store rework and everything so far has been great :slight_smile:

Just one thing. Where is my Golden Hunter? :frowning:

Seriously though. How do you lower ALL your weapons? I see people walking around with no weapons in their hand.

There is a mechanic where you can toss your weapon away. You just hold in which ever slot the gun is sitting in and it should drop it after a second or two but I don’t think you can do it with pistols.

I tried that but it ain’t working… hmmm.

Press X while holding left, right or up.

Chilling?! This is WAR, son! Don’t you damn kids want to live forever?!

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Now you sound like Hoffman.

@OP I’m pretty sure this is simply an automated system the player has no influence over and mainly serves during the Campaign for characters to keep their weapons lowered while there are no enemies around but is disabled in MP(besides at the beginning of first/end of last round in Versus) mainly for gameplay purposes(at least I assume that’s why characters always keep their weapon raised in those modes).

Do we give up now? Hell no! We get back in there and kick some ■■■! That’s what we do!


Mission accomplished then :+1:

It’d be interesting if characters lowered their guns in the countdown portions of Horde.

You mean unarmed? That happened to me, though it was a type of spawning glitch.

Think its an emote exploit, ur basically carring a gun as if u have ur snub equipped. Ive seen someone walking about killing ppl with a gnasher 1 handded.

Plz fix this exploit !

You hold the Snub, as well as all pistols, two-handed in this game. Might be more like holding a grenade. And I thought that was a visual glitch that certain people see at a time.

That sounds nothing like what the OP described.

Either way, I know how to do the one handed thing. :grin: