Gears 5 hour Queue wait simulation

So disappointed in this tech test or should I say queue wait test.

I had the tech test preinstalled and loaded in to a 3 hour queue at 10am. It’s 1130 and I haven’t even played the game.

I sense some foreshadowing for the actual experience. What a shame.

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the whole point of thie test is so this doesnt happen on launch. Hopefully by tonight it will be running smooth and for the rest of the weekend and next

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Queueing is the fun part. Who cares about the game as long as I get to queue to a never moving timer. :slight_smile:

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I know it can’t be helped and it is just a test, but why advertise it and let every gamepass member have access to it? Why not keep it a closed beta?

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Because they wanna get the bugs out and stress the servers so this doesnt happen at launch

Yes, but there are people who are exclusively paid to find bugs. They could of had a closed BETA to stress test the servers and then opened it up and did this tech test to prepare for the influx of players wanting to participate. Especially after announcing it at E3 and on all their social media platforms. It’s like all logic went out of the window with this one.

Been like this for 10 games

Its only been out for 4 hours . It should be really smooth tonight or tomorrow hopefully

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Hope so.