Gears 5 horde the worst

Absolute worst gears horde out of any of them. Instead of taking what was great about gears 4 an 3 horde, they instead churned out this BS. My bro an I could not both b Emile or marcus, wtf. Duplicates? Seriously that’s ■■■■■■■■,
they removed player choice from people choosing who they want to play as. An what ever happened to offline horde. I miss the days of simply jus my bro an I jumping immediately into horde without having to wait 4 others or relying on online connection, I thought this was not destiny. They ■■■■■■ up this game in general but more so horde, An anyone remember the gears 3 maps involving the weather. In a nutshell This gears 5 horde sucks major ■■■


Fact: you can just simply jump into a game without waiting for more players, hell you can play by yourself without other players

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there’s about 6 different topic titles saying the same thing maybe comment on one of them instead of making a brand new thread.

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Dude u know what I mean
Not all of us maintain active online connection. There’s should b option for offline horde. There’s not
This horde is the worst.

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All 0.01% of you

edit: just because you cant maintain a internet connection doesn’t make horde bad lmao. Just shows your internet is bad not the game .

Some people will try to suppress your opinion but don’t let em drag you down. I’m hoping TC will hear the feedback and give us back the things they took away.

Yea maybe if he could not resort to profanity in his feedback I wouldn’t “suppress” his feedback.

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