Gears 5 horde solo please

Lone wolf mode please. Escpecially since it will require internet again

private match like gow 4 will allow you to do solo horde

I think what he means is make it so you can solo horde without many problems, gow 4 horde is very hard to complete even on casual solo.

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not if you upgrade your class and skills, i solo horde with a scout or engi to wave 20 just messing around not even trying


I would rather use soldier or heavy not always scout or engie when i want to play some solo horde. plus engie requires you to use a map where theres a spot where bosses cant get at you, gets repetitive having to use the same class over and over.

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Yeah, Gears 2 and 3 had it right. Now, we need classes. If there’s five class for instance, we can only play one in Horde in Private. It just won’t work easily.

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I feel like im in the minority thinking that gears 4 horde is actually easier to solo than gears 2 and 3.

If you start off as a soldier without any cards then your health and weapon damage output is basically the same as gears 2/3. Then if you start off with a different class with no cards, then you get gears 2/3 health and weapon damage but start with your preferred weapon. I feel like instead of people viewing cards as bonuses, they think their character is weak if they dont have a card equipped. From a gears 2/3 perspective, class cards are just easy mutators.

I highly recommend the scout class for gears 2 style solo horde. It’s just like playing gears 2/3 except the health buffs can eventually make normal difficulty damage feel like casual and casual feel like godmode.

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I found Gears 3 easier to solo with the Silverback with Rockets and Miniguns.

If you were to do Insane or Inconceivable, Soldier with no cards will lack damage. Clearly not enough to kill enemies. Even I struggle to kill enemies sometimes with Level 6 Damage cards. Without them, they will be even more worse. It’s gonna take a long time to kill bosses, Carrier and Snatcher seem tough. Just as powerful as dealing with Berserker, Lambent Berserker, Savage Corpser without Scorcher.

For Scout, you feel the effect of weaker toughness at around Wave 30+ when 2.0x damage taken kicks in. You can no longer run out in open as Scout with Dodge, Speed, Health Boost, Health Regen while being totally invincible. They’ll make your health go red, too fast for health regen to keep up.

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Cool, how far could you solo in gears 3 with the silverback?

From Wave 1 to 50 on Insane Blood Drive.

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Jervalin is the only person I know of that showcased their full solo inconceivable run.

I remember seeing a sniper on youtube show his inconceivable wave 50 but you didnt get to see the strats he used to set his base up.

My personal highest is completing inconceivable 2.0 modifiers in osok horde.

Why would someone do Inconceivable all by themself? I know it is possible to do “Tank” Scout with Dropshot and Torque Bow headshots. but that would just take too far long to complete.

As you can see, it took him over 6 hours. That’s like completing two or three Wave 1 to 50 with an actual group. Or 5 to 6 Speed Runs. I mostly prefer to play Horde with company than alone.

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I typically just play the 1-5 or 1-10 waves for that poison bracket. So usually just soloing waves 21-25. I can only play for like an hour or so. it feels perfect for me to get a quick game in without having to wait and organize with friends or restart a bunch of quitter-pub-matches. I just play fr fun and like to bounce around like an idiot and get headshot practice, lol

If they do classes and skill cards again, and it looks likely to be the case. I think a solo mode would be great. Only in solo mode could you pick the class you wanted and load up on cards across different classes. Or easier yet, just let you choose starting weapons and cards.

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Or let us choose at least 10 cards from any class. But it’s probably gonna be limited to 5 cards anyway.

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Horde has been difficult to do in every game solo, with the skill cards levelled up to a high degree, it is viable to do horde on casual with any class. Again, with well levelled skill cards. It will be possible. But it’s incredibly boring, unless you do something chaotic like Juvie Madness.

Escape is one way you could get an experience of Horde in solo. I know it’s not the same, but it has been said you can do that solo.

It will get to a point again like Gears 4 where it will be possible to do Horde solo.

I wish there weren’t classes and people could just mix and match whatever cards and starting weapons they want.

I feel if energy bonus’ and cheaper fortification cards didn’t exist, everyone would be free to pick up energy and purchase equipment. Everyone could help out instead of waiting for those two classes to run around the map to do their job.

Id prefer fortification cards to be applied to equipment as an attachment. Then lets say a soldier could buy a turret, an engi could attach a health bonus to that turret, and a heavy could attach an ammo bonus as well.

If I want to let other players know my “class,” then bring back titles from gears 3. Back then titles were earned by playing a particular style. You unlocked them naturally playing the way you want. If you got a lot of headshots, you called yourself a “lobotomizer.” If you revived players , you were a “field surgeon.” Your title showcases your preferred playstyle, and it’d be nice to choose whatever cards you need to support that.

I wonder if opening up more cards slots from missing players would feel more balanced. If the game mode is expected to be played with a team of 5 players, then the game is expected to be played with 25 card slots. If the game only has 1 player, then give that player access to 25 cards. If the game only has two players, then maybe split it to 12 cards per character.


I did solo INSANE IRONMAN on horde mania without any fortification, only ammo buying from fab, so it is possible, but hard as ■■■■

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