Gears 5 Horde Question

What are the difficulty changes of adding modifiers in custom horde in gears 5? According to the modifiers it should just change execution rule but they definitely get more durable n do more damage. At least from what i experienced.

A friend told me that if you apply a mutator from the 2nd or 3rd group, them all of the mutators from prior groups are applied.

They work the same as in G4 but with extras. Extra health doesn’t seem to have the same value when compairing advanced with insane, the same applies for damage dealt and of course wave 10 is not the same as wave 50.

At high difficulties horde looks like a game of peek a boo as in leave cover and go down, granting guaranteed mvp to Jack getting 10-20 revives per wave.

I generally know that itll get more difficult cuz i played gears for 15 years now but it doesnt say anywhere the specifics or am i jist missing it?