Gears 5 Horde new charecters and Horde changes I would like to see

I would love to see Dom be playable in Horde as a unique character with unique abilities just like all the characters am I’m surprised he isn’t in horde. It baffles me. He is one of the most popular characters in gears history but he don’t have him in horde. Some other characters that they could Also add would be Hoffman, Anya, Tai, Aaron Griffin, Jace, Dizzy. All of them would be great to have but I would like to see unique abilities for the them if they are added because I like the overall concept of horde in gears 5 and the classe’s and ultimates. I however do not like that horde is very poorly balanced right now. The players have way too much power over the enemies right now with a decent amount being way too strong such as Marcus, JD, Clayton etc. The power level these guys have is insane right now. Marcus can ult multiple rounds without stopping and has infinte clip size. Clayton never dies thanks to his OP passive which is way too strong as well as being able to do lot’s of damage but being very tanky which is not good. And then JD who still post nerf honestly does too much damage. Other things that I feel like were very bad changes were getting your ultimate back 2x as quick by dealing damage which results in everybody having their ult all the time which is bad. Also taps having up to 120% health boost is way too strong and makes them game too easy. I would just like all characters to be on a more even field and their to be better balancing as well as new and unique characters that will not break the game. Other games do patch notes frequently so I would like to see Gears take a similar approach. @TC_MichaelAOS I think these are some great ideas and changes! I think horde is ok right now but Horde could be amazing if changed in the right way as well as being a serious challenge on Master which it should be. I hope horde will get even better!


Well Dom will certainly be playable just with any class already available in game. Dana and Micheal started that there will probably be more classes added in the future but the will be added according to the need of the player not to the want.

They’ll be balanced and fair AND fun. Sadly it’s too little too late to request an ultimate for Dom but if a class gets added that tailor’s to the type of character Dom is then cool.