Gears 5 horde needs a new currency

I don’t know about the rest of you fellow horde players, but I’m about tired of the on going battle for power(or energy. what ever floats your boat.) I mean…aren’t we suppose to be doing battle with the genocidal monsters coming to kill us? I’m all for helping out the team; so I end up giving more of my energy to the engineer than I probably should. And some engineers can get extremely greedy; wanting you to deposit all of your power, every single wave and do nothing to improve yourself in anyway through perking at all. I find this to be an unfair and unreasonable compromise for a player to have to make to appease another. So what I propose is an introduction of a new currency for horde called xp tokens. Which are essentially silver dollar looking tokens with the cog phoenix emblem on top. Players would earn xp will playing horde and at the end of each wave, each player is awarded xp tokens to spend on their perks. The amount of xp tokens each player gets would be determined by their overall performance through out the wave. With bonuses for achieving MVP. I think this new currency would help a lot in the frustrations of energy management.

Characters call it Energy during the match (“collecting energy!”)

But the medals in the TOD refer to it as Power

Some consistency in nomenclature would help


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lmao Some people call it money. I had a guy playing as the engineer one time shouting over his headset to the rest of us: “Hey, put the money in the fabricator.” :unamused:like what?..Money is a glowing yellow sphere now?:rofl:

It was called cash in Gears 3

Lol well, despite what anyone calls it…one thing is universal…everyone wants it. :laughing:

The idea is good, but I can’t imagine working for Jack (or at least how I play Jack)

I’m like a tick, always near JD (or Kait when JD started with Lancer LG), so when I do something is when the base is under attack (reviving almost every team member twice or hijacking Pouncer/DR-1/Scion) so I maybe can be MVP on boss/mini boss waves.

I think the cash system from Gears 3 should come back as a way to strengthen perks, while keeping the energy/power/points/othercash/etc. for the fortifications.

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Yes…many engineers will kick players who aren’t depositing every wave. Of course building a Base is priority but by level 20 it should be pretty much done apart from a few upgrades. If an engineer ignores buying the basics like lockers and a forge in favour of going sentry crazy I will msg and ask for a locker or whatever. If that is ignored then I will start perking and probably end up kicked to the lobby. Too many engs are very egotistical and inconsiderate IMO. Putting sentries right next to fahz is annoying for starters.

Oh, and on the subject of energy, it would be much better if the spikes were lower to the ground. On maps like foundation you can barely see the enemy because of energy density when an engineer is running bullet sentries at the top of the ramp. Or make the diamonds smaller or something. Just an idea.

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Unless you don’t have a Jack or a slow one this is only an “”“issue”"" until Wave 20, at that point the base should be good to go and ppl can start lvling their perks.

I don’t see how it wouldn’t work for jack. Because you would be getting XP from doing all sorts of things with jack. You’d be awarded XP base off your actions. Repairing fortification, healing and reviving allies, assisting in kills or getting your own. As long as your not hiding in some corner the entire round and occasionally coming out to zap something, XP gains shouldn’t be hard to obtain for jack. Maybe jacks perks could also be cheaper; since he isn’t going to be dishing out any big damage like the rest of the squad.

Are you saying this is how you want it to be, or this is how it works right now? Because I disagree with how Jack earns XP. He / she / it only earns XP through Ribbons and how many waves completed and which difficulty. And whether Boost or not. And Allies XP.

Talk isn’t about Reup XP but what the OP apparently refers to as “Horde XP” for getting perks in a match, from what I understand.

Definitely should be made easier for Jack to earn ribbons. And maybe some other characters who would earn ribbons less easily by playing their intended role.