Gears 5 horde mode

What if they make horde mode like in gears 3 but updated wouldn’t that be the best way to go ,till this day people are still playing it and enjoying it .I find it was way more fun to play as a team and it was well balanced .Just wondering??? Oh and maybe get rid of the soccer balls and bring back those tickers they were just to funny.

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I hope they go in the opposite direction and make Horde have a component where you can progressively move around a huge map, gain different weapons and skills, and pick up gameplay at a later date. Sorta like what Fortnite’s Save the World does. This would be hugely involving for them to make though so I’m not expecting it.

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Leaning against an open door with me. #Gears3forlife
2.0 is the pinnacle of Horde, so far. One hopes 4.0 can take that title.

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Could not have said it better :+1:

A limit on weapon fortifications. Say 2 turrets and maybe 4 or 5 sentries.

I like how the current version of Horde gives players different options. Sentry spamming is a bore, but if people want to do that then thats on them. I wouldn’t want sentries nerfed so much that they become useless so any changes should be balanced.

A few suggestions, feel free to pick them apart or suggest your own:

(1) Limit the number of sentries based on the fabricator level. E.g.: you can build 2 of each sentry per fabricator level - so at the max level 4 you can build 8 of each.


(2) Implement a cost multiplier to sentries. For example for every sentry built the cost increasea by 25%. If a sentry is destroyed then the multiplier decreases. This multiplier is calculated based on the number of sentries on the map. So sentry spamming is possible but would cost more. The potential problem with this is if the Engineer is determined to sentey spam, it will take money/power out of building other things and into the sentey fund.


(3) Nerf sentries but add a passive skill to the Engineer where they have a sentry boosting radius around them so sentries within a certain range are buffed. This would limit the effectiveness of sentry spamming cos the Engineer cant be everywhere. Obviously multiple Engineers can circumvent this, but at the expense of these players filling in other key class roles.

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On 3 the engineer could simply barricade himself behind a wall of toys.

Add Flow and voilá.

I would!

True, but this would limit the effect it has on other players because all the sentries would be in one area which in theory is contained. At least it means other playets can play their own game. It isolates the Engineer too so if they’retotally surrounded by sentries and go DBNO others may have a harder time reviving them.

You can never totally remove the “Idiot Factor”! Some genius will think something ridiculous up regardless of the parameters and things will go horribly t.its-up. :wink:


That’s the very truth

Yeah that sounds good.
I never thought of it like that but sounds like number 2 would be a possibility.

To me it sounds like most of you would rather remove the Engineer class all together. To me that class with out it’s toys, is a weak class. The other classes get boosts for either damage or health. The Engineer is what is, it’s really dependent on the other players to help make it stronger by delivering the power they need to build their toys. If you really just want to limit them. Just collect the power and force them to quit.

Only reason I would oppose this is, I have experienced too many times where the base I built and the use of sentries is what protected the weapon lockers and barricades. It also allowed players to drop back to a point where if anything got too close to my team, sentries picked them off. That is just my experience in Horde. I usually try to keep the sentries far enough back so my team can go do their thing and only drop back if they get pushed to hard. Then they can resume.

This is old topic but i tought to write in here than make a New one.

It would be fun to have survival mode where after every 10 wave boss there opens a door to other continent. Atleast it forces to keep base upgrades very low or you dont have it All, so in whole run you play 5 different maps. Maps could be selected but it opens them in random. 2,5hour hauling would be a little More interesting.

In Horde, I play the Engineer alot and to me. You really can’t limit the class without destroying the class. If you hate the class so much, just suggest it be removed. Which from what I read from your post, which sounds more like what you want. Building barricades and weapon lockers all day isn’t fun either. Seeing it is the weakest class if you remove the toys. I can understand the hate by wave 50 and a really good built base and most players have nothing to do but wait for the toys to win the day.

At what point did I say or even suggest that I hate the Engineer class? I think you need to re-read my post properly.

The essence of my post is that I enjoy the freedom Horde 3.0 gives to players. However as the mode has become very class orientated with each class bringing a new and specific quality to it, it does place more emphasis on playing as a team. My post is simply of finding a way to balance it so that sentry spamming doesn’t ruin the experience of other players.

Im at same Page with you. And i play alot either scout or engineer. Most annoying is running for the power as scout so engineer can refill bullets to sentrys while you get stuck to those half of the time while trying to get on fabricator, or goin to revive fallen members.

I like the use of sentrys as engineer but the big problems is that if you use youre skills to make sentrys good you cant have much anything Else. Also having faster repair and Flow dimishes the ability to have discount or power to builds is frustrating. Those really could be a specific class powerups that raises with class lvl. Not chosen skills. Just like the riffle damage with soldier should be anyway higher without spending the skills

Imo there really should be More balance with All the skills for every class to really make it to team play, not just 1 puppetmaster with 1 puppet and 3 leftovers Who just need to manage somehow.

Sorry, higher up in the thread you mentioned several ways to place limits on Engineers. When I quoted you I grabbed the wrong quote.

I just have issues with the idea of placing limits on one class for no other reason then players want to go and face tank everything with a gnasher or overkill.