Gears 5 Horde mode engineer role: Del vs Kat


Pretty much exclusively playing engineer role at the moment In horde mode and can’t decide which engineer is better at the moment ! Del or Halo Reach Kat ( Ultimate addition)

I think overall Del seems better with his skill cards! Cheaper fortification costs, locker reload speed etc! But also love playing as halo reach Character!

What is everyone’s thoughts?

I mostly use Kat because I like her armor >.>
I feel the same about Del. He literally has twice as many perks as Kat. It’s the same with all promotional chars. It’s like TC made them weak so people wouldn’t scream pay2win.

I haven’t leveled Del at all because I’ve been lvling Kat. She’s like 12 right now. I don’t know if Del gets the same perks as Kat but recharging my ult while repairing is nice. She doesn’t get the cheaper to build perk but she at least gets the cheaper to repair perk. I’m pretty sure Del gets that too. I’m waiting for the halo perk. Undamaged for 8 seconds gives me stim. I think Kat has a better ult. I’ve saved my life and the lives of my team with that hologram. Dels ult is more like a nuisance to the enemy. The hologram is great for pulling a battery out of rejects or distracting the enemy while you go for a save, run away or target a bastion. It’s also a good “Oh ■■■■” button when you turn a corner and see a shielded scion or a sire.

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And this is the problem with locking classes with characters.

I hear ya man, I also like the halo characters and use Emile.

The way I see it, the promo characters aren’t bad, but they basically force you into a play style. They have half the cards and thus you can’t decide your own build. With that being said, if you happen to like the cards they give you, then they’re just as strong potentially. Just depends. I’m sure both are competent as engineers. Much like Emile and Kait, their ults are different and I think both halo ones are better. The auto stim card is also probably nice. I’m only 14 so I don’t have the card yet but it sounds good. Especially if leveling it up reduces the time it takes to get while not taking damage. Starts at 8s so even if it goes down like 1s each time, that’s 4s maxed. Pretty good :).

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Del is better, Kat is a promotion and as such here pool is more shallow lacking some key perks such such as reduced Fortification Cost Reduction, Weapon Locker Ammo Refill and Sentry Ammo Refill Cost Decrease. With that said Kat is perfectly fine with a few unique advantages. Del’s Ultimate is fairly weak off-set by the fact that unlike some characters he gets it back fairly quick, with Kat you don’t have to sacrifice much to get her Ultimate even faster from repairing whereas Del would and his pay out is meh at best. Kat’s Ultimate has decent utility basically a free decoy for a short a while which can help her get up front to repair broken fortifications to stop a charge or what have you. Halo which Emile also has gives you some added defense for the start of each wave (unless you skip the time in-between waves though there isn’t much point to do so as the Score benefit is pretty minimal and it just eliminates time you might need for repairs and the like. Del does indeed get a somewhat similar version of with Healing Repair, but IMO Kat’s is better and there’s really no reason not to take it. The buffer of Stim can save you if you’re still repairing during the start of the waves or if you take a rear position where you aren’t getting hit you can generate the buffer during the wave combined with her decoy for in-wave repairs where Del would be putting himself at a greater risk. Kat’s starting Kit is superior to Del’s as well IMO, but that’s minor since you can always ditch them for whatever you want since you’re not getting bonuses for any weapons, but it is still a plus for Kat’s side.

They did it because they’re promotional it has little to do with pay2win and more to do with fulfilling an obligation of what was advertised and not putting work into it past that as anytime they spent working on promotional characters would take away from working on their own characters. The limited sets make them perfectly usable and fulfills advertisement that they’d be usable in Escape and Horde. Their mileage varying and tending to fall short one way or another does help keep down blatant jealousy of those who do not have them sure, but it’s more a side-effect than a specific intention. Think of it this way if you’re working on a science project with somebody else and you’re getting graded on what you do and the project as a whole you might help out your partner with their part so the product is overall better, but you’re going to prioritize your part first and foremost. TC is likewise going to prioritize their own characters and not what essentially amounts to an advertisement.

So came here to ask, yesterday I played a game on inconceivable and there was this Kat that used his ultimate when ever he wanted. Also there were like 5 holograms that did not banished the whole 2.5 hours the game lasted. So not sure it this was a glich or intended but it help a lot since enemies can’t hit holograms and they when directly for them ignoring the rest of the team, was a super easy run on that difficulty, I mean we were at 1 mod of master and we passed it without effort

It’s definitely not intended. Even with max Root Kit and constant repairing you wont be able to throw out multiple ultimates at once either the game bugged out where they didnt disappear, he cheated somehow or it was a just a visual bug you were experiencing. They could have been shooting at your teammates and just during the wave you didnt notice after all stranger things have happened.

Both are good. Del is better at the moment, if you have a choice. Might change after a couple of balance passes.

Personally I gravitate toward Kat, just because she looks cooler with the armor and robotic arm.

Then it was a exploit then, he defenetly positioned on a way the enemies would not go for us, and they attack the hologram and everything wish saved the game to show it. Probably will be patched soon

Ran into a Marcus that permanently had his Ultimate up and sitting next to him caused serious issues with my own weapon so it doesn’t appear to be character specific.

I saw someone with KAt send out 2 holgrams, one left, one right and stayed there for the duration of the game! How is this possible? It was really cool!

Glitch or intentionally cheating, going with the latter though since I’ve seen a few characters with unlimited Ultimates.

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I agree. I like her armor and the robotic arm. I hope the promotional chars get some upgrades. Del has more perks than Kat and Kaits shotgun bleed dmg is more practical than Emiles melee bleed dmg. Emile sounds like he was designed for escape instead of horde. While were at it lets get Noble 3 in here for another sniper class :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I hope they eventually incorporate all 5 Nobles. Emile and Carter could be offensive, Jorge could be a tank class, we’ve got Kat as engineer, and Jun could be sniper ofc. I think it’d be fun to have a old fashioned firefight with the original Noble team

My preference regarding both Del and Kat:

Starting Load-out: Del < Kat
Skill Cards: Del > Kat
Ultimate Ability: Del < Kat

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