Gears 5 horde mode changes

Does anybody know if the amount of rounds has been reduced from 50 to finish a game?
Having to play a full 50 levels was boring until wave 20 when the difficulty started to get a little harder.
Plus people would always leave half way through witch made competing level 50 almost impossible.
Also the time it took to play from level 1-50 witch quite often clocked in at nearly 2 hours put some people off. I for one didn’t like to be tied down to playing horde for a full two hours at a time

It doesn’t seem like it. Horde definitely still has 50 waves as standard.

But TC may do something like Halo reach and have shorter playlist options.

Its like a week until we get the whole Horde reveal, so makes more sense to just wait and find out the full details than speculate.


There’s an express horde option available now in gow4 (which I begged for hundreds of times in the old forums) but i believe it’s casual difficulty only, which is super boring.

In general I hope horde is given much deserved love this time. It’s a game type that defined other horde type game modes in other games. They need to step it up. Gears 4 horde was very repetitive and just not enjoyable for many as gears 3 was. That’s mainly due to lack of weapon and enemy variety. But gears 5 horde is already looking bad.


Since the beginning, horde has always required 2.5 to 3 hours to play. Then speedrunners came along and ruined that experience.

If you can’t allocate that time, don’t buy the game.

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Yes. I hate the few times I joined a horde group and 1 or 2 people in it wanna speed run it. No? I wanna play the game for fun. That’s not fun for me. Everyone’s always in a rush these days I guess. Plus it takes knowledges of everything you gotta do in order to make it successful and some people just don’t care to learn what’s required.

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I don’t have a problem with speed runs. Gears is all about grinding and TC put players in that position with very time consuming tasks. There are many players who want to complete those tasks and get all those achievements, myself included.

Also consider the fact that people have lives - family, work, etc. Not everyone can allocate 3 hours at a time to play Horde. Why should anyone judge them for that? Why should they not be able to play and enjoy the game according to the time they can spare? There will come a time when you will not be able to spare three hours to play Gears or some other game.

I have a friend on XBL who played a lot when he was in high school but he went to college and is now a doctor. He plays when he can in the time he can spare. I’m certainly not going to tell him, sorry buddy you don’t have three hours to spare so you can’t play Horde with me.

I you don’t want to do a speed run, consider using the TrueAchievement website where you can create a gaming session and state the parameters for players joining that session.