Gears 5 Horde map select

I can’t play for now but I have this question.

For Horde, it random map again like in GOW4?

Then I’ll be really tilted. That means 80% of the games people quit. If they didn’t fkn learn from GOW4 then they really don’t give a shiet about the community.

Can anyone confirm this

Yes, when you queue up for standard horde mode, you get placed with randoms and on a random map, just like GOW4. However, there’s a new element to why people will just leave; there cannot be duplicate characters in a game. So if you queue up as JD, and someone else picks JD, and neither of you change before the match starts, the game will choose for you. Someone is getting a random character they didn’t queue up for. That, along with not getting the map they want, causes people to quit games early.


You can organize matches you want with the map you want in the lobby browser. Just don’t forget to turn it visible in the browser if you want other players to join you.

But if the maps sre still randomly chosen in public matchmaking it seems like a bit of an odd thing. People will most likely quit if they get a map they’ve just played on, or if they don’t like that particular map. Now add to that the new hero system and its ramifications, including the “no duplicates” rule(senseless in my view, hope they change it if enough people speak up againt it), and you’ve got yourself a pretty bad starting point to not have people quit public matches.

They should just try matching people based on the character they’ve chosen before they got into a lobby. Or before they started matchmaking, whichever.

Lol this is insane. Someone over there needs to sit down with someone from these forums and they need to go through what some of the complaints are for this series…this stuff like map selection should’ve been fixed in gears 4 week of release. It’s causing the function of the game to be completely unfunctional.

There’s no excuse for it at all. It’s completely incompetent and doesn’t even make sense. If we can vote maps in multiplayer why not horde!? We could vote in gears 3 and 2 if I remember correctly. So what’s the deal here!?


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Omfg, no offense but

Random map + same character ragequit will mean that 90% of games some1 leaves -> then all leave.

Horde mode online will be actually unplayable. I absolutely don’t understand how they don’t think of this. What in actual fk…

We need a fkn Gears 3 remastered play anywhere. That were the times man…

This is probably why they put in that you can play Horde with bots, because they knew that the majority of games would get dropped not only from random map choices, but because they made it so teams can’t have duplicate characters.

They need to release an update where the player can not only pick their character, but also their role on the team. Part of what made Horde awesome was all the different team setups you could run with and come up with unique strategies. Want to run with 5 Engineers? Want to run with 5 Medics? Go for it and experiment with ways to win all 50 rounds.

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…whats wrong with the lobby browser?

My experience with the map vote in gears 3 was people kept voting the same maps over and over. People only chose maps they knew how to win.

With the lobby browser I can see all kinds of maps, at different difficulties, and even help people in currently playing higher waves.

Yeah I just got in the game, I hate the random map selection. But the lobby system is pretty good :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. I’m lucky to make it to wave 10 with more than 1 non AI teammate. Random maps is one thing, I can tolerate random maps (though they have 3 maps and people in group vote) but the thing they really need to fix is the characters. In gow4 I wanted to multiclass so to speak. Some skills from there, some skills from here, ect. And this whole no duplicate character thing is stupid. Characters should be skins like in gow4. What I would do is have just 1 character for everyone. Skins are whoever you choose, duplicates would just get a different color scheme. And all skills would be available BUT you’d have to unlock them through player level instead of character level. Engineer could be someone with Gaza’s shoot through walls and starting weapons, have some of Dels engineering skills, Reach stim shield, ect. Versus I could see that being a problem cuz of game breaking combos, but in horde, it’s pve. I’d be happy to have a rolling tank on my team.