Gears 5 horde lame 🤮

wtf thats so confusing
I really wish they just let us select mod sets lol

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For the longest I thought that was what you and gnasty were referring to as “juice.” seeing as how it’s way harder than 3x health.

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Me too. I would love that and it would add alot of replayability.

More damage is beef.

More health is juice.

Well I guess I kind of am too, seeing how I decided to play today’s mods as Blademaster and sorta made it work in the end. Wasn’t too different from how I normally play as I’m not the guy who’ll be deep in the enemy spawn slaughtering Swarm, then get Boomshotted where no one can realistically save me if they’re not right there already. I don’t think I’d bother with the class on triple damage or double Lethal days though.

Or that I decided to beat Halo 2s Legendary Campaign solo(a few years ago) and spent on average two hours per mission. And yes, lots of rage was involved because it feels like everything, even regular plasma weapons, kill you with a headshot once your shield is down.

After playing the District Daily I decided I wanted to play more Blademaster so I picked it up for Rituals Daily today. Part of me was like this feels like a mistake getting frozen every 5 seconds on waves 1-6 but it happened a lot less 7-12.

Something that got me killed more than I’d like to admit was Bastion Scions…they are so annoying. The only way I was able to handle them is shock chain and hope enemies are nearby to reach the bastion. I don’t know if I can just shock chain the shield and it reaches the bastion, haven’t tried/noticed but if that works then its not terrible.

I won’t swear on a bible to defend his exact figures, but I’m sure we’ve all encountered the circumstances.

Which is like, things are going south, then all of a sudden the whole rest of the team are DBNO, and instantly, everyone is dead, the match is over, and you’re left wondering, what actually hit me.

The last time it happened to me I was playing Mechanic and I blew it off as I wasn’t doing any repairing when we were getting hammered. The time before that though, I was Anchor and had stim, and Crazy Tough and nearly shut down for the night.

thats because everything immediately switches aggro to you lol


Well sure, that’s a given!

I suppose the aggravation stems from that the difficulty feels inconsistent. On the one hand you have AI that seem tough but dumb, but as soon as a Last Man Standing condition is in play, there’s some fantastic robotic accuracy that comes over the remaining enemies.

Only thing that can be hit through the Bastion shield with the ult is Wardens. I’m inclined to believe that it is not intended as this was not possible before they were made to appear both as a regular enemy and miniboss. I certainly wouldn’t chance relying on it to kill a Bastion from hitting other enemies around the shielded one. Especially if it’s a Boomshot or Mulcher(or a Sire). You can get away with it relatively easily if it’s a Buzzkill as their damage is comparatively low.

This is because of bad positioning, no teammates paying attention, people not respecting lanes of the map. Nothing to do with this “you’re last alive so you take more damage” nonsense. Im sorry but this claim is silly to me.


Seems to be the word of the moment “lame”, sigh.

The Horde Modifiers are clearly inspired by Halo and Goldeneye and are likely what artifacts within Horde mode that can be adapted…

It was unlikely to be able to make major Mod changes as that would require more QA, Gears 5 is 2 years old now, and a lot of focus was on other elements players demanded, more maps, more enemies (Locust, Lambent were added), more Horde modes and now selectable in Custom which were both done, at some point you have to realise there is a resource limit, all of those were added, and some Modifiers that could be easily done.

I’m sure all the feedback and lessons learned in Gears 5 (and 4) will help shape future games in the series.

I would suggest a less rude approach in your feedback however.


I’m sure it is. Almost every time I’ve called shenanigans, my #1 has been able to give me a reason for the wipe. (and whenever he’s cried foul I’ve been able to give him a run down similarly, we work well together)

I stand with op

Better mods you say? You gotta love…

10m close cloaked…
Double melee damage…
Aggressive enemies…
Poisoned flushers…

Worst modifiers!

No mention of Ultra Stopping Power?
That is absolutely the worst modifiers no matter which class you’re playing.

Horde mode is usually my go to, in these games, but this version was just really disappointing to me. The maps seemed way too small, the fortifications were okay but could be skipped, and in too many games, completely were. It would have been nice to get more variety in the enemies happening in the mode, or less boring maps. Or more maps with special interactive things, like the train station or the old avalanche map.

Adding classes was interesting but overall didn’t really seem to do anything too great. If anything, i would rather see the ability to create and fully customize our own characters, giving them proper load outs and abilities. As it stands now, if i’m an engineer, i’m constantly getting yelled at for fortifications and such, which gets annoying when that is the whole point of that class. It just gets old quick and i would love to see more ingenuity and creativity for horde mode in Gears 6, and less catering to the esport crowd.

It’s not really that bad for me. But only if I’m playing with melee characters, and I’m within a good range that when I roll out of it I can still get to the enemy. NOW, getting caught off guard by shotgun grendiers with stopping power is a pain! With Long range characters, stopping power doesn’t bother me at all.

Reactor, Spyer, Pahanu, Icebound, Regency, Ritual boring?

What does esports have to do with horde?