Gears 5 horde lame 🤮

Can we please get better mods for horde. Enough of the gravity & bobble heads or confetti head shots. How old are we 3? Lol it’s a rated M game n lame $hit like that is in there. Few more green mods that actually help or make it fun.

Just saying… anyone else…


Suggestions? Ideas? Any kind of elaboration that may be beneficial to your claim of “Gears 5 horde lame”?

They mods are also only for a laugh. Nobody forces you to endure them. Lighten up.


Is this a new mod?

U start with 5 cards and every X waves u lose a card, i like it.

Good idea :+1:


Dark and gritty. :wink:


I prefer the mods that make the game more difficult. They make it way more fun. Let me pick my mods TC!

My Ideal Mod Set :
More Lethal
Even Juicier Enemies
Close Range Gambit
Aggressive Enemies
Healing Heavies
Power Drain

Make it so you’re only allowed to choose a maximum of 2 Mods that help you and the rest have to be mods that make it more difficult with 1 of the difficult mods required to be Survivor. My friend Ultra an I both agree that these mod sets would be alot of fun. I prefer Close Range Gambit over Triple Melee Damage because TMD doesn’t increase bleed and CRG does.

I see a whole lot of whining and not a whole lot of ideas.


I appreciate it lol.

I could deal with the if they at least work correctly but that even that and since we are in this topic probably someone could help me understand why is it that the last player standing in Horde takes like triple damage??? what is with this MAJOR B.S??? And it’s not because you take damage from so many enemies, no it’s simply an attack that does 40% damage, this time can take you out at once!!! I am pretty sure that most of you Horde last survivor noticed this :-s

This isnt a real thing. Stop making things up. Lol


No it’s not. Juts because you never noticed it doesn’t mean it does not exists. Just now being the last survivor on horde a flock was able to get me on the red when going thru my character right now it just killed me instantly and I noticed this a lot of times during lots of runs. A single juvie won’t kill you normally with one punch but being the last player standing can kill you with a single hit

This thing you’re making up for justifying why you failed a horde match isn’t real. Im sorry. Enemies do the same damage do matter how many people are alive or dead.

(Not gloating because idc about that) but I’ve solod horde frenzy 2 different times and I took the same damage as if there were people in the game. I promise, its not real.


Ahahaha! Oh Gears fans… you are truly the gift that keeps on giving!


Probably because you are on a later wave and the 2x damage has kicked in?

Health or Damage?

HP is fine but even stronger enemies + More Damage mods kinda no bueno for me.

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Even tougher enemies = even juicier enemies. Its the triple health modifier.

Even Stronger enemies = even beefier enemies. Its the triple damage modifier.

I like mods that give enemies more health because you achieve a high damage number each wave and at the end of the game.

Triple damage isn’t too bad on a class that has different ways to get damage resist. Damage resist is way better than increasing your health.


Thats cool then. Just don’t like it when enemies look at you and you’re down. Its a specific mod set, forgot what it is but they have two enemy damage dealing mods on.


That is the mod set with triple HP for enemies. Triple damage comes with two More Health modifiers.

I knew Koty was a Maso

Even Tougher Enemies has 2 “More Lethals”

Even Stronger Enemies has 2 “More Healths”