Gears 5 horde lack of ammo

Gears 5 is the worst game for ammo replenishment. Being a SHOOTING game for most part. It makes the players compete for the ammo box and the team player thing goes out the window. Its every man for him/her self. Even when you do get the ammo box it doesn’t fill your weapon unless you can get it twice. Once before the wave ends and again when the wave starts. If your playing Fahz, the ammo box only gives you 3 of the 15 rounds your rifle can hold. I don’t understand why the developers thought this was a good idea. It sucks the fun out of the game. There are 5 players so there should be 5 ammo boxes that will completely refill your gun. Again IT IS A SHOOTING GAME AFTER ALL.
If you’re lucky enough to have an engineer that gets you a locker you can refill it that way. But every other game you get some fool who thinks that sniper rifle on the locker is for all to use and grabs it, gets killed and now your rifle is gone. Or empties it out and puts it back. Very frustrating. I would love it if they made it so no one can grab your weapon off the locker without permission. But I fear even that would be abused. That’s why we put skins on them, so everyone knows that’s your weapon. Most people respect but there’s always someone who do not.


Seems like you had the bad luck to play with guys who dont know horde. It’s kind of common sense that the engineer should build a couple of lockers amongst the first things he builds and also, no one should take your signature weapons, at least that is how it goes every time I play.

Have an engineer build a locker for every one. You can literally empty a gun and switch it out. The ammo boxes I use before I have a locker or to refill my grenades. By the last 10-20 waves most people will be using tri shots depending on the difficulty.

A little trick with the ammo box. Pick it up as the wave ends but before the score screen pops up. It will respawn right as the score screen ends. It’s also possible to pick it up during the score screen. Stand on top of the ammo box, push the button that brings up the map and press the button to pick up ammo. Be careful as you can accidentally pick up a gun and you have to find it. I’ve dropped a lancer gl for an enforcer by mistake >< Pretty hard to find a gun when Jack is smelting.


If your playing with an engineer who doesn’t it’s time to find a new lobby. Any good horde match with a decent player as engineer should ideally have a few weapon lockers out (and upgraded) by wave 10. First thing they should get (Jack depending) is a forge past that it’s weapon lockers then barriers etc… Also when you see the weapon locker go out buy yourself a secondary gun from the Fab so you can switch out as needed. Sometimes during the lower rounds I’ll put my weapon on a locker then get myself killed that way I don’t need to spend power on it and it doesn’t effect the team.

Horde problems:


Seriously,lately I prefer to play solo with AI bots to unleash full potential of characters without worrying about ammo restrictions and having to use other weapons.

Thank God for the claw,that’s a life saver.

Definitely an issue…being as horde is about being outnumbered and outgunned…ammo should be plentiful…not on this game though🤔

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