Gears 5 Horde: How to counter Lancer Chainsaws in PvE

Now that Lancer Chainsaws are back in Horde for Gears 5, I have been studying ways to counter them, specifically with CQC classes, who are most likely to get killed by them. Here are my results.

I hope that this can help some people out.


Great video! Sums up well what you can do to defend yourself from them. I usually just stare them down, hipfire if they look like they want to saw me or stand my ground with a Lancer/Claw against them. As BM, I always keep my Claw and it has saved me from getting sawed plenty of times.


TC still needs to nerf them some, IMO. Insta-kill mechanics need to be implemented with a lot of care and restraint, and I don’t think enemy chainsaws have had that. They rev up too quickly and with nearly no warning if you’re not looking directly at them.


Agree on that.

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Nice! Now i don’t have to do all that testing stuff lol.


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That is my only gripe with them, Other than that, they are fine.


I honestly love this. This is a massive game changer and I very much welcome it. I now have to adapt a new play style to my CQC characters and I am loving every second of it lol.

Any way this is an extremely helpfull video. Love that your explanations are not drawn out or overly complicated. The 2.10 mark has now saved my life. I naturally assumed I would go into a chainsaw/claw battle regardless and now I know I was wrong. In the words of Dom “I owe you one man”

Thank you very much for this.

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That’s because Michael simply put the AI from CO-OP VS AI(Hardcore) into them.

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Cyclops don’t have the same ai and still rev almost instantly too

On a side note: I didn’t realise that the Locust carry Mark 2 Lancers. I would like to have it as a skin similar to when Gears4 had Marcus’ custom Lancer as a skin


Has anyone else been chainsawed by some random drone while in the middle of a retro charge execution on another enemy? It’s pretty annoying charging a dude, impaling him, and getting chainsawed as you’re mid animation.

I would like to customize the mk2 aswell

Please not. For the first time in a couple months, I am actually playing attention to my surroundings as Infiltrator. Knowing just not looking at a Lancer for a brief period of time means I am getting chainsawed and instantly killed has brought some fun to this class for me, something quite impossible given it’s broken for all the dmg resistance and instant stim it usually has. (Minus Boomshots and Ice Scions).

I just hope I never get to see in patch notes anything related to nerfing the percentage of enemies going for the chainsaw kills or something. It’s just perfect right now.


Thanks! When I play BM I usually run Embar (for Active stun) and Mace. So being able to use the starting Talon to counter the chainsaws is one of my favorite discoveries.

Agreed that insta-kill stuff needs to be carefully implemented. The rev speed really IS crazy though. I mean, in the video I slo-mo’d one revving the chainsaw IN BETWEEN BLEED DAMAGE TICKS. Absurdly fast.

Even then though I still don’t think that they are that bad to deal with. As shown in the video, these enemies are passive and usually try to keep enough distance to shoot you, behavior that can be easily used to your advantage.

While there isn’t much warning if they catch you by surprise, IMO that kinda is the only way they usually get me. They demand situational awareness, but if you can see them coming, they generally aren’t an issue. It isn’t like they are a flusher enemy that does nothing but chase you with chainsaws (although sometimes they seem to lol).

Honestly, while recording all these clips, it was kinda difficult to get chainsawed on purpose because they would usually move away from me when I pushed up on them. That being said, I wouldn’t be opposed to a slower rev time. But I don’t think it is THAT necessary.

Well, I figure that someone had to do it lol.

Right. I’m used to worrying about them from playing so much Scout in Gears 4. Nice to have them back, and it makes showing off by staying alive in CQC even better!

Thanks for the feedback! I was happy with how the video turned out. I’d say that just putting a quick line for a bunch of edited DVR clips was handy. I’m glad others are liking it.

Yeah, I figured that would be some particularly useful information, after it had surprised me a few times prior. Now you know too!

I believe it. Works surprisingly well despite that.

Good point, although purhaps the Lancer/Chainsaw AI was grafted from VS all the same. I could see it happening. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Yeah it is kinda cool, but at the same time, now looks so weird without the stock lol.

Yes, as the video showed, you can get chainsawed even in the middle of an execution, and yes, even while otherwise invincible doing so as Nomad! Really gotta be careful nowadays…

Yeah, while I’ll still say that CQC classes are very high risk and need a lot of skill (and mandatory damage resist of some sort) to stay alive in the ridiculous situations they are encouraged to be in, the return of Lancer Chainsaws helps to kinda reign in those classes’ power on the high end of the skill spectrum, but without nerfing the fun out of anything and in a relatively balanced and counterable way.

I’m loving their addition, along with the enemy remix in general.

Agreed. It doesn’t seem like it is THAT often. It isn’t like they spam it (once again they prefer to shoot). But it is still just often enough to keep you on your toes.

It also really bugs me how they can try for another rev immediately after they get interrupted, like we’re talking no delay at all. That’s impossible for players, you’re probably gonna just jam your gun because of the control setup. It’s like AI Guile throwing Sonic Booms while walking forward in Street Fighter II.

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I would call this vital information for CQC players. I honestly don’t think I would of ever figured out that melee works against my lancer/claw counter. Dying to take my Blademaster, formerly know as Lahni, out for 50 rounds now.

Again thank you so much.

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Right? It is crazy. So many times in the vid you see them get flinched out of revving SEVERAL TIMES a second lol. Inhuman things…

Yeah, otherwise there would be a lot of ‘WHAT?! The game didn’t start the duel!!!’ moments. When it is as simple as melee nullifying it.