Gears 5 Horde... Energy

Energy used for personal skills is a bad idea, it causes people to horde Energy and thus making the game take longer to play for the Engineer.
Will this issue ever be looked at, if so, when.
Skills should increase with use, not Energy. As the Engineer, the share of Energy is not good enough, it make the game slow and boring. Energy should be collected by the Scout and automatically dumped at the end of the wave for a bonus, or dumped automatically if/when picked up by anyone else.
I do wish someone would fix this issue, or as i like to call it, Energy Crisis.
Oh, and before anyone mentions it, i play randoms, i have no friends, and yes, looked at the find a game thing, i will play only as the Engineer and currently at Experienced, and every time i look, the games are higher settings or the Engineer taken.


Does need looking at for sure…give perks for every 5 wv completed …or kills…something like that.


The whole perks thing is broke, inexperienced folk dump thousands of energy into their perks for massively diminishing returns. At best do a lvl1 one in a few relevant ones as they generally give a +10% for 1000 energy, after that get energy into the Fab


Anything that starves the sentry spamming engineers of energy is a good thing in my book.


I keep giving engies ALL my energy in pubs but like many will tell you, sentries sentries sentries bah

I dont mind ‘some’ but if a 2nd sentry goes up b4 a weapons locker I’ll leave

And whats with the engies that build a weapons locker right at the start but then never touch it? Its like they think, right I’ve given the team their 1slot between them, now, SENTRIES lol

Tho I agree, the perks using energy needs looking at, the returns in higher difs need a major boost.

Hell the whole higher difs seriously need looking at, it takes little to no skill to do higher difs, just the right balance of abusing things, an getting each other up, its boring. I still want to be able to go outside the base and shoot things in the face ALA gears, not hide behind fences shooting things at a distance that no longer shoot back cuz they got to try an melee electricity, go grubs lol


I simply poor in the light,but I do see others get a kill and run for the light,no matter what character they play,Only one of my character(s) as rank 15 did it on Marcus,we had a jack ,(sat evening)played from wave 4-50 jack had over 60 plus thousand.And didn’t drop any of that light,gamers was politely sayin jack drop light in fabricator plz.No comment but we managed it without jack(s)help.

Try to play at higher level more people know how to play there. I always play on Master and I rarely find stupid players. Its pretty simple just need a forge level 4 and a decent jack and you don’t need to worry about money anymore… expect if you are one of those engineers who think sentries is the way to win.

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I would have liked to see a wave objective every couple waves. ie: execute 10 enemies ect. for awarded skill points like they used to in Gears 4 for the bonus crates .Make it kind of like a risk vs reward thing and an extra layer. It shouldnt be an either or situation where people have to choose one or the other. It should be everyone working together to do both.


Level 1 perks are ok at opportune times. Maybe a couple others depending on the power situation of the team.

The thing is people are people. You’re playing with people who can do whatever they want. They can shoot at the sky, move the fab around, buy useless fortifications, die a lot, and just be really bad at the game. You don’t have much control over that.

With that said, I agree the perks system could be tweaked just because it seems so useless. Kait for example gets a 2% damage boost or something like that with each one. Like what?

But then again gears 4 horde had a lot of useless stuff like carry speed and fortification health that I could throw on as a heavy or a sniper. Pointless.

And it had issues with power too. Remember the soldier who thought he was a scout? So many issues came
of that. Or the scout just not picking up power at all and going for shotgun mag and damage on insane. Like I said. You can only blame the game so much. At the end of the day it should be on the players. Maybe they’re naive, inexperienced, or just trolling.


So true man

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Sadly you have gone straight for the Stereotypical route, not every Engineer chucks out Sentries in their double digits.
I prioritise Barriers, then Lockers, i usually put out 2 Lockers before a Sentry comes out, and i only use them as defence. I like to put my Sentries at the back so my team can come back to base for a safe place to regroup/recoup. Then more Lockers come out. eventually the Forge.
I think Sentries are and should always be the third thing to come out when building, Barriers for certain number one, then Lockers. The Forge should come in when Energy is coming in to the Fabricator on a regular basis, such as Taps.
I hate it when people build Sentries, it is a waste, as i upgrade them and then they are mine, but it also means more of them. The game is broken, and choices made by The Coalition were made i am sure on Crack, or some other brain draining drug.

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Played an elite today with friends who are level 13 + players. I was Del, we had Jack, JD, Kait and Marcus … by high teen waves we had 3 * L4 lockers all in rotation by the players, L2 locker for spare trishots , a L4 Forge plus 50K energy in the Fab, No Turrets, no Barriers as first Tap was a waste of time to build around,

As a team we stayed playing like this accruing energy and all doing their jobs until we got the Tap after wave 20 which was defend-able around … All of us in wave 21 moved lockers and Fab and forge all the way across the map while still mowing down incoming. By wave 22 we had 2 * L2 barriers across the in routes and a L4 turret on each … Continued the play, adding yet another spare locker for Trishots, salvos etc, then L4 Shocks where they had the distance to make sense and then high ish wave 30’s we as a group decided tap 3 was defendable as an “outpost base” ie couple barriers around the tap + couple turrets and Kait and her locker, so we built base #2
Key thing to think of here is there does not have to be ONE base which is sprawled across half the map. Also let Del builds the barriers and turrets in main base and get Jack to take them out and place them …

Added L4 Decoys in key places to hold the interest of the incoming so Turrets and JD can rain hell on them

Tap4 pop’d close to “the outpost” so we expanded to get that tap as well . On wave 50 abandoned the outpost, including leaving its turrets and barriers around them as we consider them on wave 50 to be just “decoys,” regouped around main base and bish bosh all finished

Horde is a team game and when played as a team is such a blast

That sounds like such a wonderful game, maybe i should consider telling my Autism to F.O. and go and make some friends.
It is the one thing i do not have, the people on my friends list are family, and they all work. I am stuck at home, disabled with constant pain, and all i want to do is play Gears 5 Horde. That is not working out for me, because i play randoms, and i truly hate this Energy thing on Gears 5 Horde.
I should be happy with the game, they did more or less give me what i asked for, the Engineer only building, almost. Yeah, you still get the odd one thinking they can build build Sentries and be happy with that. Little do they know they are just wasting Energy.
Damn, this game is such a waste. Such a let down. Or is it me that is the let down. All i know is, i hate the whole Energy thing. It is a broken record for me. Energy, Energy, Energy and Energy.
Thank you for the reply, and it really did sound like a wonderful game, i have only had one since launch, average one per week.

In Kait’s case that makes a big difference because of bleed and bleeding enemies take more shotgun dmg. Those perks and the shotgun perks purchased in horde add up.

EVERYONE else however…yeah tier 1 you might notice a difference but after that the price isnt worth the boost. You wont even notice a difference with a 1% increase. They really need to adjust the scaling of these perks along with what difficulty your playing.

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To be fair, the health regen perk Kait gets goes up to 50% and helps somewhat negate the health regen penalty modifier. Having some extra health also helps a little bit for her, at least until wave 31.

Jack gets that too. It does help but most of the purchased perks don’t give much IMO.

Would be better if the perks went up with gameplay…instead of power, maybe every 5 wvs the teams perks go up…beyond the first couple of perks…the rest dont offer much and require a lot of power to upgrade.

sorry to hear, try a few mide level / higher level games and if you meet another reasonable player, friend them, you will soon end up with a longer friend list to call upon for games

:+1: keep at it