Gears 5 Horde complaints

i know its a repeated sentiment. but i don’t know how well everyone else explains it,
first off. i primarily play PvE modes. and customs if possible because i play for enjoyment rather than infuriation,
second. i very much enjoyed. and have played many hours. on Gears of War 4s Horde, in fact. i think they near perfected Horde within Gears of War 4,

now to the purpose of this thread, i enjoy the Gears series. but Gears 5 feels, insulting, the story is great. i very much enjoyed that. and the Relic weapon variants was a brilliant idea, but the multiplayer is still cancer. and the gnashers is the ■■■■■■ up god of everything infuriating. though i can’t really say much because i rarely log online PvP,
the Horde however, is about the stupidest ■■■■ i have ever tried playing, Horde is my most played mode in almost every game i play. but i in no manner claim myself a specialist, i do not know the technical sideand any attempt to explain it i will not understand,
first off. and what i first noticed when opening the game the first time, Kaits armour, now. why within the brain celled ■■■■ would you load up the golden males (JD. Marcus. etc) with full covering black cloth and awesome looking armour. then skimp Kaits golden armour into a ■■■■ hole? seriously. what the ■■■■?
second. and more predominate to this intent. is the problems i have with Horde, let me name the list,

  1. although adding AI was an unexpected and welcome move. they take energy. and never do anything with it, if a player joins. they don’t get that energy. its just, gone, and also. they’re kind of super stupid, a lot,
  2. what most people are talking about. which is the class locking to each character, sure. ultimates sound good. but if i have to choose a character because the PERKS? what the ■■■■? nevertheless that there are clearly superior ultimates here, and its obvious,
  3. the entire reason I’m writing this, why. within the living ■■■■. would anyone think restricting weapon choice. within any form. was an idea not worth curb stomping whatever ■■■■■■■ thought of it into the ■■■■■■■ ground? ignoring the buggy ■■■■ at launch that they have fixed. i logged online today JUST TO SEE IF THEY CHANGED IT. because i haven’t touched this half ■■■ excuse for “■■■■ on a stick” since the day i finished the story, still the same ■■■■ system. with the same ■■■■■■■■ restrictions,
    why. oh why. would you ever make a game. then not allow player choice? you have more choice IN THE STORY than in horde, seriously! this was the greatest ■■■■■■■ waste of money i have spent. and if i COULD get a refund. which i tried to THE DAY AFTER IT LAUNCHED. i would have, but i was given a ■■■■■■■■ reason why i couldn’t. which was “if you have used it. you can’t get a refund”, the way you have handled this entire shitstain on the franchise (other than the story. i very much enjoyed that) is absolute ■■■■, this game has further convinced me that i should not even get games until a year after their release. because APPARENTLY the YouTube videos just straight ■■■■■■■ lie. and the companies don’t care less about offering a good experience to the player,
    the campaign. no matter how good. CAN NOT UPHOLD A MULTIPLAYER GAME, i truly doubt i will even look into Gears 6, this experience has upset my attitude towards you that much,

for a short recap. ■■■■ your gnasher obsession. the AIs are only as useful as their stealing idiocy can manage, also. classes and weapon restrictions are the stupidest ■■■■ you could have pulled with this, upon a personal preference note. YOU MADE KAIT HAVE ARMOUR IN THE STORY! what lazy ■■■■ couldn’t make it gold?
i shall not apologize for cussing. cause i do it a ■■■■■■■ lot more than i should. but it doesn’t take awayfrom my completely valid points, seriously. you ■■■■■■ this game into the ground,