Gears 5 Horde BOTS

What is the extent of the info we know about the bots in horde? As far as I know you can just toggle them on/off, they are just called “AI Solider” and they have the default COG appearance.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit of customisation to them,
Like giving them a name then just putting AI in brackets. EG: “Tim Tim (AI)”
and/or change their model, like another COG model or helmeted no name, EG: Onyx Guard, E day COG, UIR.

If we can do that, then setting how many BOTS we want in a match would be easy, So we can just set it to have 1 bot if we wanted to.

This isn’t a game breaker or anything, just say someone playing horde with BOTS and figured I’d share what I think would be cool.


They can be turned on or off.

They don’t have ultimates or abilities but can deal damage to the enemies and pick up players.

The build shown off at gamescom had a bug that made the bots behave worse than they will for retail.

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I guessing their AI is just as bad as it was in the tech test? Because the AI in the tech tech was horrible, never taking cover and constantly just walking straight up at you shooting then melee you.

Apparently, they have unique names in subtitles character dialogue. Like Private Casan.

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In the tech test I don’t even think they had gnashers, just lancers (in Koth).

What’s the purpose in them not being able to use their ultimates?

If they have no abilities, then don’t they become completely useless after the first 10 waves or so? If the enemies still get upgraded every 10, and the bots have no perks being upgraded or otherwise, it’ll probably suck.

None because they don’t have Ultimate?

Probably to make it ■■■■■■ so people try to play with others instead of relying on bots.

Yea but I mean why not?

They’re bots, why not let them be AI in full w/o limits?

Which is hilarious if true.

Let people play how they want & don’t limit your own game in an effort to encourage a certain reaction. Never works out that way.

They do spawn in as AI Soldier, yes. But not as character locked hero who comes with cards and Ultimate Ability.

If the AI bots were gonna have Ultimate, then they should spawn as hero.

It’s easy to tell apart a bot and player from how they look and who they playing as.

Unless we have Carmines, Gears or Onyx Guards as heroes.

Generic Gears upgrading to Onyx Guard AI would be a nice touch if you progress far enough into Horde. Hero or not.


Maybe Onyx Guards should be Master Difficulty bots.

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That would be cool. Better bots for higher difficulty to at least act the part. Hate when frieny or ally AI is just there to waddle around while the enemy becomes terminators with precision aim across the map.


They can multi-task. Aim bot + waddling around. :+1:

To be honest, I think their AI needs improving. But they probably waddle around to collect the Power, no?

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It’d be interesting though to build an AI team MK style, being able to set each AI’s attributes, “Defensive, Offensive, Lone Wolf, Sniper,” etc.

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As I get they’re not meant to be a replacement for actual teammates, but setting a bit of their stile does seem cool.

No Jack bot … I dont believe TC couldn’t make it happen … They just want to force players to pick him …

If I have to rely on some bots to reach wave 50 in horde they better be good or at least get better with updates. When people drop we NEED a solid replacement. Not dumb bots that get shredded because they don’t take cover. They also need to scale after every boss wave to stay useful.