Gears 5 Horde balancing suggestions

I think Horde has got to a better situation with new characters and the recent horde/escape balancing that TC have done lately but I still think they could do other things to improve Horde by a lot. At the moment I think JD is way to Strong for the amount of effort/work you have to put in the character. Dropping GL missiles on bosses’s and laughing at how easy they die is not ok. It’s very difficult to use somebodye like JD and spam explosives on everything compared to other offensive characters like Fahz, and Cole. His bleed is way to strong and I thin it should be removed completely because atm he just makes all the other offense characters or people who are good at doing damage just look super weak compared to him. I think his bleed should be taken away completely or taken down to 20% or less at max rank. It’s not fun to just see people spamming explosives on bosse’s and doing over a million damage with ease while other characters such as Fahz, Cole have to work 10 times harder and take more skill to use. I think if they did take away the bleed completely it would improve the character diversity by 10 times which would be huge for Horde and make it way more enjoyable for everybody. At the moment it just seems like he is in his own Tier compared to the other characters and makes everybody else look bad. There should be a better risk to reward ratio for JD and at the moment it doesn’t take much effort/risk to use him while you are getting rewarded way too much compared to other characters. Let me know what you guys think. That being said I really do like Horde and would very much appreciate character balancing.


One of the main reasons I haven’t played since b4 Xmas, unbalanced JD is making horde very dull

I’d favour boosts to most others over a major JD nerf tho but a nerf is needed to the gl/bleed imo

He really is in his own league

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He is for sure in his own league. I totally agree unbalanced JD makes the game way too easy and boring real quick. He does need a nerf and I think a fair one is to take away his bleed. He would still be really good. Another problem I have with JD is the character is very easy to use

Na he needs some bleed, it’s key to some regening hp bosses on higher difs

And it fits in well with reality

Bet if I fired some rpgs at ya you’d bleed :yum:

I’m surprised and disappointed the OP JD issue wasn’t fixed with op 3. I guess TC doesn’t care he is dominating Horde to the point of making every other player, besides the engineer I guess, wonder why they are even bothering to play.

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I don’t think nerfing JD will improve character diversity. People will just go for the next best character. People will choose a Keegan as opposed to a JD, and then we are back at step 1 again.

Even a 30% bleed for JD, a level 2 razor hail card, is strong.

The problem is, you are always going to have a skill gap when using Fahz or Cole, it relies on the person’s skill a lot more, as opposed to a Kait or a Marcus. No amount of balancing is going to change that. Those characters also rely on having a good ping much more than a JD.

I would consider Cole to be more of a tank than an offensive character, although. With the potential to be immune to melee attacks, a 90% reduction in damage whilst roadie running, and a health/ health regen boost. Makes a good medic if Jack isn’t used.

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Not gonna read the mess OP created, but if JD gets nerfed into the ground Master will become nigh impossible to beat with randoms. I don’t get why the rest of the cast can’t gets buffs instead of nerfing everyone in the ground.
Ooooor, and I know this is a wild take; just add more characters that can create an equal damageoutput to JD - see Kait pre-nerf.

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he ideia behind about to nerf JD’s bleed card, it’s the problem that, TC can nerf the keegan’s bleed card too, as we know well, keegan dont have boomshot 50% dmg card, thats a problem, cause keegan is too much broken as i said here:

other thing, i already said too much times, every player with any character is playing with a only way, using locker with salvos or trishots, and TC could be fine with this ideia, if it is, forget the chance for a buff for cole and fahz or a nerf for JD, they need to nerf a bit the monster’s health and dmg, cause all the cole who plays with me dies every wave trying to play their role.

It would be a bad idea to nerf JD, it would kill horde with a lot of horde players walking away.
Yes JD is op compared to other characters, but you can play without JD or take off his razor hail card if you wish. As players right now we have a choice.
Nerfing JD takes that choice away for many others and would not be fair .

Many players don’t like JD 's gl spamming, the problem is not the bleed it’s the launcher capacity card on high levels that creates the spamming.

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You guys have it all wrong. It’s not JD that needs to be nerfed. They need to take away the stupid health regeneration mutator for the AI. If enemies couldn’t regenerate health, you could use literally whoever you wanted. But they get all their health back so fast that you NEED JD to spam explosives to keep that from happening. You take that away and all of a sudden he’s not so necessary for every Master run.

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Correct…my typical custom game is less health and no regen on insane. As a result it makes a much better game for all inolved, i wont have a Jd in my party unless i go to higher difficulties.

Yeah that’s my perfect game , regen or health off with decent engi you have so many options how to play it without JD and even jack.

You clearly said he is OP compared to other characters which is very true. In fact he is much better and easier to use then other characters as well. JD would still do lot’s of damage without. I don’t think it’s healthy when one character is 10 times better then the rest and doing 1 million+ damage with ease. It’s bad because it makes all of the other characters feel useless which is really bad. Also how does it take away that choice for many? They will have a balanced character.

Buff other characters damage up first is a better option.
A swarmak wave 40 on masters for example, JD’s damage is useful and gives the team a life line . Also speeds up high level runs for that card grind.
Forcing a nerf is never good for the game , especially for those players who rely on that damage to get the job done.
Like I said , custom lobbies can ask for no JD etc. It’s down to personal choice that we as players have right now. Enforcing nerfs takes that choice away. If people want a kick ■■■ JD in a game don’t deny them.
People in general would rather be asked for change as opposed to it being forced upon them

My problem with the JD’s out there is that some of them really spam the GL, using it on leeches, Imagos and Trackers and demands a full locker before the first boss since they cant aim.
Then there’s those who buys a GL and saves it for bosses etc. while going for the Boomshot, Dropshot or Torque bow in regular waves. If more JD’s used the GL like the last example I’d have no concerns. The changes made is a step in the right direction.

It really comes down to finding like minded players and playing with them as often as you can

I couldn’t have said it better myself Sam, he is dominating every lobby and makes everybody else obsolete.

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This is the EXACT problem with their hero system and the all the stupid cards they have to come up with before they release a new character. The beauty of Gears 2 and 3 was that all the players were equal and what mattered was how well you used your weapons, not what “perk” or card your trying to take advantage of. Even Gears 4 was much better than this whole “Hero” system. I hate you TC for what you have done to my all time favorite game and mode. :frowning:

I personally really like the system as it lets you have variety in the game and gives it more replayabilty and cool new things. I just think they need balancing because clearly some stuff is way stronger such as JD, way too strong in fact. I totally understand why would want all of that gone though as I have played previous gears without all that stuff.