Gears 5 Horde and Escape

TC can you please fix the way the cards work in horde and escape so they automatically get scraped once you get the card to level 6 and keep getting duplicates. Please fix this and make these cards automatically get scraped and turned into coins. I would be fine with getting half of the cards value back or even 1/4 of the initial value in coins back. For example for gold duplicate gold cards it would be either 1000 coins or 2000 coins after getting a gold card to level 6 all duplicates imedialty get turned into coins. This would be great and is something we need in the game so we can play classes and still feel like we are working towards something or getting rewarded for continuing to play @TC_Sera Please let me know what you think

This was briefly discussed in a Developer Stream around the time Op 5 launched and Michael Shannon (PVE Lead Developer) said that it’s coming, but they basically couldn’t get it all done in time for Op 5.

They haven’t commented on the exchange rates for duplicate cards though.

Maybe I’m being too pessimistic, but I suspect we will get a tiny fraction of the card’s worth. I genuinely believe that a Legendary skill card would be worth something like 100 Gear Coins at most (but cost 4000 GC to craft). It may even be less than 100.

Otherwise PVE players will be rolling in Gear Coins. If you think about how many cards you could get by running The Surge on Insane or something, it’s a big potential money maker. If you take it to be an average of 1 legendary card for every 4 runs on The Surge on Insane, then alot of players could churn those out. There’s no way they will give us even a quarter of the GC it costs to craft a legendary skill card (1000/4000).

As a comparison, just consider the fact that the Legend ranks give out 750 GC for every 12 stars acquired; or that some of the daily Horde/Escape challenges only give out small sums like 100-300 GC at a time. TC obviously don’t want to flood our pockets with too much GC. Otherwise Boost becomes devalued (as one of its functions is to give double stars for daily objectives, which help speed up TOD progress and earning GC through the Legend ranks).


This is just too OP. Would break the game to allow scrapped cards. Then everyone would have max level. Makes horde and escape too easy.


Nope. No scrap for anyone.

Makes Horde too easy!? Then more Wakaatu they need. :face_with_monocle:


More of a jab than fact.

The thunder chicken is tough. Faced him twice tonight.


TC…the camera shake that accompanies big bird needs to go.


200-500 coins per duplicate would actually probably be a good amount per coin actually. This is reasonable I think

Never understood why we didn’t have all cards right away anyway. It’s PVE. Just let me play what I want, on the difficulty I want.

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If you have the time and the knowledge, cards are quite easy to farm. After a few weeks the value of coins would go down and screw the system.

I’m hoping for a third “currency”, like scrap for example, that can only be used to level up skill cards. This way extra cards serve a purpose and the coins economy remains stable.

Engagment rate, blame games as live services for it.

TC thought that 30k coins created a “a major imbalance amongst all players” I’d say it’s safe to assume the payout, whenever it comes, will be pathetic.

I am not one of those people that will do card farming because I find it extremely boring and I’d rather just play the game for fun and when I get duplicates I want to feel like it’s going to turn into something so my time doesn’t feel wasted.

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Nop it’s ok it brings the boss more atmosphere

tbh id be happy if I could just transfer excess cards to other classes. I have like 60 extra golds on my pilot. would like to give that to the drop shot card as I max’d that class before that card was introduced.

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I recently entered the triple digits on extra cards with some of my classes and would love to get rid of them. I especially want to get rid of my extra score boost cards as to me they are the most useless card in my inventory and never use them at all lol.

How about this: dont award cards that already maxed out. So we dont get duplicates and can max all cards. It would still take some time.

I mean there are people playing a lot everyday (myself included) that have soo many duplicates but are missing like a blue or a purple card to max.

Then you would know that when you are playing you will be rewarded with cards you actually want.


Yeah this would be ok with me or just something so that are duplicate cards are not going to waste. Just something

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