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Gears 5 Hoping & Praying

(DatboixCupcakex) #1

Gears of War has been the same game since its initial release back in 2006. I would not be surprised when Gears 5 is released that the same mechanics undetectable hit scans, roadie running, horrible mantle kick is still the same. Coalition please do a better job of this. Hit detection is worst than ever. I am still getting 82%, 83%, 99%, even 100% and no downs or kills . Stop making promises of dedicated servers when there are none since Gears 3. If you game developers @Coalition cannot improve the game then let another company do the job . Stop wasting the fans time and money for the same cliche’ things we have seen for over a decade.
Gears 5 story should at least be entertaining than the Expendables 3 rewash storyline you gave us for Gears 4 smh. I am a very concerned fan because I love this game and I hate to see it be diminished to a second rate shooter.
Here are some things Gears 5 needs in my opinion:
Real dedicated servers. Roadie running needs to have a meter or something if hit detection is still a problem. Ink grenades need to come back. Shock grenades were terrible. Smoke grenades need to make players fall again yes I said it. Sawed off shotgun or any other shotgun needs to be in the game period besides the Gnasher C’mon already. Active reload should only work in the campaign or better yet take it out of the game. I never knew you needed special bullets to kill your opponent. Better spawn locations are we Call of Duty Coalition ? Please bring back Valera, Jace, Michael Barrick, Sophia, Paduk and Alex Brand as DLC characters. I hope you guys are listening from a concerned female gamer.


(UniversalTuning) #2

Universal Tuning here and I support this post. No hate towards TC but sometimes I have to wonder who is calling the shots over there at Coalition studios.

(mendigo2005) #3

Actually, they’re pretty useful on horde


Don’t get rid of the active. Just get rid of the cooldown