Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC purchase question

If i buy hivebusters on steam will i then have to purchase it again on xbox? If i purchase it on Xbox would the steam version be owned? I know steam IS not part of the xbox anywhere program because once my gears 5 windows version stopped working and would not update i then purchased the steam version because steam> all other game launchers.

Xbox Hivebusters does not carry over to Steam, atleast the one from gamepass doesn’t.

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Different stores so separate purchases.

Even if you happen to use the same microsoft account you would need to buy the game twice to play it on steam and xbox / win store.

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I just bought it on steam w tactics for $48. I have game pass ultimate atm so i can use that for playing on xx

I just bought the hivebusters and am amazed how good it looks, looks like a completely different game. Enemies even look and feel different.