Gears 5 headphone bug

This headphone bug has been in the game since launch (pc), I, and many others ignored the issue…but when i tried putting on my headphones for gears tactics, the bug is nonexistant? i wonder if the anti cheat program is causing the headphone program on pc to bug out? i am using my xbox controller and headphone set up on pc…it worked in gears 4 and tactics …so please take a look at the bug

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It literally killed any chance I had of playing 5 online with ppl from here, so I pretty much dropped the game cuz of it and many MANY other reasons lol but this was a big one

Where does the PC one launch on?

Steam/MS store/gamepass ult

Mines gamepass

You’re probably supposed to play it on steam… im not sure if this is a Microsoft issue or TC issue.

Prob MS, they screw up so much lol

Yep I’m still waiting for this bug to be fixed but nah its not happening now… Since its been there since release it’ll be there forever now lol


ikr! same, how am i able to play if i cant hear enemies footsteps or get distracted b/c the sound is lagged out and buggy…this has to be an issue qa ignored but they didnt want to polish it b4 release…i honestly feel like gears need to get away from the fall game release schedule if they really want to compete…they had wow classic, the new cod, and other good games at the time when gears 5 released i dont get why releasing at march (like they used to been) is so much a sin now

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