Gears 5 he died because of the community

Whenever you complain TC tries to fix the game,do you realize that every decision made by them is because you complain about everything?
Before judging the next updates,try them out and then you can talk…
Remember that they are human beings not your personal slaves…


I blame MS before TC. Who calls the shots at a higher level? Way too much focus on getting people to pay for skins, instead of, say, having just even a half decent map count lol. Whoever MS made in charge of gears in these last few years… That’s on MS.


If your idea of “fixing the game” is doing things like class duplicates that then come with extremely unnecessary nerfs, that were not actually asked for by many if anyone, then sure, the community killed Gears 5 because TC always goes that one step further which messes things up and makes them less fun.

Case in point : People who weren’t doing dumb meatshield cheesing with what will be the “Infiltrator” class in Op 5 will almost certainly be forced to perma run it where possible anyway because you only have a 5m or less range for bleed which is practically melee range in Gears 5 and the class does not even remotely have the durability to stay in close proximity to enemies, esp if they’re Mulcher Scions, Grenadiers, Ice Scions, …


Everyone’s just upset because most of if not all the best DPS classes they used to cheese with got nerfed.

Maybe people will finally play another damn class for a change


Because playing a shotgun class that requires to expose itself to be at more risk in the first place than an explosive spammer who can sit at the other end of the map with little risk is so cheesing it. Now it is actually turned into requiring to use cloak more because the Overkill will almost always be inferior at the ranges which TC forces players to use the class at for bleed now. The new passive will not compensate for this.

And what do you tell Clayton players using a Mulcher build, which is a weapon that is already not that powerful to start with? What about those using Fahz who was pretty much in a good spot now yet apparently still requires a nerf to Ambush? Mainly going to have an effect in Horde, but still does not seem necessary.

I fail to see your point.


I’ve never seen anyone complain about Kaits bleed.


Update is nothing to me yet XD… to each their own, I don’t play PVE and the new system isn’t going to change that, so really only changes I got is maps and characters which is fine.

The ranked changes doesn’t even really effect me cause I don’t really care for the modes that are in Ranked, so (shrugs).

Yea they did list a ton of weapon changes, but some people have overlooked those aren’t going into the game at the start of Op 5, they’re going into Developer’s Playlist.

People complained they couldn’t play their fave characters, begged for this class-separation mumbo-jumbo. A purely superficial demand which doesn’t improve gameplay whatsoever. Who knows how much dev time it took? We know it at least took months, right? They probably had to upend a ton of code just to do it. Everything has a cost. There’s a finite amount of dev resources. For all you know, meeting this demand helped in killing Escape. With all that time, they could’ve created 10 new hives instead. For all who begged to play Ben as Cole, Marcus as Lizzie, etc., I hope it was worth it to you.


My point is that these nerfs aren’t the be all end all and everyone’s acting like horde is ruined. These classes were used to do nothing but speed run waves through either GL spamming,Cloak Meatshielding little guys or Sniper headshots that take out scions and other enemies in a single shot on master.

People complain about the game being too easy but will deliberately run easy ■■■ classes on master difficulty. The only thing Kait players ever did was cloak and meat shield smaller enemies then attack bigger baddies from behind cover shredding their health with bleed damage on boosted shotguns that is all I ever saw Kait players doing. You may play her better than others but most players will barely play Kait properly merely use her as a speed run tool.

I feel bad for Clayton’s nerf and I get that its lame but that doesn’t make him a bad class now he’s just not as effective.

Personally I feel like if players want to run 5 of the same busted class and have an absolute novice experience then they should be able to. But TC doesn’t so whatever nerf away people will just make another team comp to cheese waves anyway.

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100% on your site.
Its the players fault. Think about Marcus, he was perfect in OP1,2 and 3.
With OP4 he became a crappy op character and now he will be weaker than most others.
And this is ur fault guys, Marcus were perfect from release and i never saw anyone playing him instead of me.
Then Kait, i never saw anyone playing her so efficient like me. I play her with cloak and bleed or stim and bleed.
But no one else did this. You only used blee with crap Overkill cards, Gnasher was always my prefered weapon with her.
Next thing Lahni, she gets buffs next week but why? Shes strong enough for master but no you all kick players who wants to play a melee character because you still think you need a JD and Kait for master.
AND because of you players we get this use- and soulless decoupling feature next week what is my only BIG negative point for start of OP5.
So pls do me a favour, players out there, start to understand how characters have to be played
Which cards working together?
Is the character usefull for the map?
Is the character maybe usefull if another character is selected which is working fine with mine selected?
Which cards working good together with cards from another character?
Which place is the best to defend on selected map?
And so on. You have to use your brain for Gears 5 Horde, it is not standing or running around and shoot with your preferred weapon. This was Gears 2 Horde but not this one.
Gears 5 Horde is a very complex designed PvE mode.
And thats the reason why i love it.
And i am loving TC for making the best PvE mode i have ever seen in a game.
Have fun with OP5. I’m out!

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People don’t like talking about that time of the month…she already whines enough as it is.

Reading the above makes my head spin. Thankfully Horde 2.0 is still the “King of Horde” and where I get most of my Horde fix.

Hopefully you gents and ladies will be happier when you get to try out the new Op.


I like the new nerfs :slight_smile:


Gears isn’t dead, the over abundance of complaints on these forums proves it. Plus Microsoft isn’t going to keep paying devs to make content if they aren’t getting a return on investment.

People are just over passionate about their part of the game, and its the internet, that’s all People do on the internet is ■■■■■.


Agreed. Thankfully TC have seemed to stop listening to this terrible hive mind forum and starting to listen higher level players and actual old school slower gears fans

You are right that I wasn’t using the meatshield cheesing, I thought that was always stupid and making waves way too easy because all it left was maybe some bigger enemies. I’d mostly exechte a few Drones or DBs then head back to my spot or if cloak would run out backstab something then go back without getting killed. Instead primarily using the Overkill and Gnasher, depending on which one was situationally better to use, but generally preferring the Overkill due to better range so I didn’t have to put up with the BS of enemies at close range to them, and because I don’t like the Gnasher as much.

But I hate this change and it might make me stop playing it because I found the way I played Kait to be fun and satisfying in its own unique way but now I’m getting told “Go use the Gnasher because we’re forcing you into a 5m range to have any bleed whatsoever where the Overkill is not at its best due to the close proximity of enemies and we don’t want you to use that weapon like we think a shotgun should be used rather than letting its niche exist”, while cloak executions are buffed to basically do that all wave long instead of meatshields. And I found it more engaging to try to kill that Boomshot Scion or Mulcher from slightly further away than to rush in its face and get downed by explosive splash or because it’s a Mulcher, unless I had flashed them prior.

And Fahz was only taking out Scions in one headshot in X-Ray, after wave 10. And I can still do the same now if I just use Icy Precision to freeze them then active the Longshot.

And if anyone is wondering, to me the Overkill niche with Kait exists with using it not to spam shots but wait between them to lessen the pellet spread and basically hit enemies from further away, at mid to relatively close range but where the Gnasher isn’t quite effective yet. Any closer than that and I’d either cloak execute them or kill them with the Gnasher.

But none of it ever struck me as “cheesing” or easy. I just find the change to be ridiculously restrictive instead of it being 10 or 15 meters maximum.

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Not sure one can be “over” passionate but I get your point :+1: and of course we can moan, we do so because we all love Gears so much, rather that than a community that didn’t give a toss.

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I do agree with 5m being way too small of a range for that class. I would’ve been fine with 10m or just not touch Laceration at all.

It depends on how its affecting the rest of thir lives, we obviously don’t see that ( unless you know the person in real life). But as any psychologist would tell you, obsession isn’t healthy. If reading the updates about a Video Game gets you heated to the point it affects your real life around you, its over passionate in my opinion, and based on some of the stuff I’ve read on these forums, I think some people are over passionate.

Again thats just from forums, the reality could be different.

They ruin the game due to poor decisions on game modes and features that have been in gears before they ruined the franchise.