Gears 5 HDR 10 not working

Gears 5 Windows 10 is HDR 10 working?
i have the issue cant set to HDR the game, thx for help

The same here with me. I tried many times with no luck.

Me too! My Game can see HDR option! but,when I set it to ON and Press Ecs to OK,HDR option will auto set to off.

My gpu is RTX2070 max q
Monitor is Dell s2419hm

HDR is working every game until Gears 5!

I came here to say the say thing, the option is there but it turns off when I ESC to ok. Any updates on this?

I haven’t done PC gaming in many many years but is there an INI file where you can add that option to see if it sticks?

Same for me. Got it to work again after reseting all video to default but next time it’s of again…

I got the same issue still dont know whats going on,

First you have to turn the HDR on in Windows settings. If HDR in game still will not work, try to reduce screen scale under 100%.

I have same problem, but I had the game 3 days before release, for ultimate account, and was working HDR, after 9.09. stopped, sometimes get turn on, but only for one minute


HDR will not stay enabled when I select it from the Video settings. HDR is enabled in Windows 10 as well. This is crazy because this is the only game that I have with broken HDR. Forza 4 horizon and Madden 20 work flawlessly. You guys should allow the game to force HDR and let the TV decide to process it.

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The latest update in the Windows Store adds a translucent X button in the top left corner of the screen that keeps HDR enabled even though the HDR toggle switch in the video settings still doesn’t work. This seems like a temporary solution to keep the desktop active while playing the game. Running in Windowed mode instead of full screen also allows HDR, But you then have to put up with the tool bar being visible. I’d be interested to know if the Steam version of the game has the same problem or just the Windows Store version.

I wish I could help with this problem but Ive been lucky, With W10 1903 1080Ti through to LG TV I can always enable HDR in Windows display settings before launching game.

Then in Gears 5 options appears the toggle to enable HDR, and an HDR cal screen. This is fine in fullscreen - which being a UWP isnt really genuine fullscreen.

To avoid crashing I do have to run with the previous 436.15

Other Windows store games like Forza 4 and Metro Exodus I also have to enable HDR in Windows first, whereas with Ubisoft games the game does it - its annoying. The same is true for Dolby Atmos - I dont get the option ingame unless the sound setting is changed in Windows first

I also have HDR turned on in WIndows display settings, When Gears 5 launches it stays in HDR until the studio logos then the video glitches and it goes back to standard. It’s the only game that does this. However windowed mode works to keep it in HDR and any desktop element like the game bar overlay also sends it back to HDR mode. The latest update has a translucent X button on the top left part of the screen and now the game stays in HDR for me. I have an LG 4K OLED and Denon amp. I also have to enable Dolby Atmos in Windows before I launch a game.

Very odd.

I disabled HDR for PvP but it works fine during the campaign on my end.

It is odd. As windows store games are not “real” fullscreen I dont think they can turn off HDR. from the TV’s perspectibe

If youre saying that when you get back to Windows desktop the HDR option has been turned off then thats very odd - Ive never heard of that.

I think only a “real” fullscreen game can stop HDR data being sent to the TV. If a game doent produce HDR images then windows tone maps SDR to HDR.
When you get to the Gears 5 menu after turning on HDR in Windows the game option is default off - I think this just means the game is creating SDR images - bu the TV still sees HDR data.
When you toggle the game HDR option to on the game image brightens but my TV doesnt flash up a HDR banner - HDR data was already being sent to the TV

This is killing me! How can bug like this not dealt until 2 week after release?

Having the same issue, HDR toggle does not stick after applying.

I am having the same issue

Same here. Incredibly annoying that MS still hasn’t figured out HDR on Windows.

My windows desktop is always in HDR. It’s only when I launch Gears 5 that it visibly glitches and HDR gets turned off. When I quit the game it goes back to HDR on the desktop. My LG TV shows it dropping in and out of HDR during the start and quitting of the game. The only way HDR works in game is keeping it in Windowed mode instead of Full Screen or if any element of the desktop is visible like the game bar or the Nvidia overlay. (it’s a 1080 Ti ) The HDR toggle switch in game has no effect and always reverts back to the off position after saving settings. Any other Windows games like Forza Horizon 4 work fine in HDR.