Gears 5 have an overheat problem needs patch

I can’t play gears 5, as soon as I iniciate the game starts overheating my X box One, then shutdown by it self

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Same here. 3 times in a row yesterday, I launched Gears 5, then connected to one of my friend’s game so we play campaigned together, then my XBox One completely shuts down. This happens while I try streaming to Mixer as well from my console.

Which Xbox console version you have?

I have the original day one version of the console. @ExcaIibur

I’m not surprised then. I have the Xbox One X and when Gears 5 is on, it practically goes into overdrive mode.

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That’s strange.
I have the xbox one x and it is quiet regardless of what game I’m playing.
Played a lot of gears 5 since Thursday night and the console spunds like it is coping just fine.