Gears 5…Has the game been left behind?

Ill keep this short and sweet as possible……Has Gears 5 been “abandoned” at this point???

This game gets more and more broken/weird every other hotfix/update. I cant even play anymore, there seems to be some type of “Lag” bug just kicking me in the b4lls every time I boot up the game for sum MP/Horde, at least for the past few days. My ping magically starts spiking from 50++++, literally rubberbanding my every move

Operation 4 (Well for me personally) brought this sort of “Lag” at least on the Horde side. It somehow got fixed/went away on its own as soon as we got Op. 5

I understand resources move on, casually implying TC is working on Numero 6, but still, devs should be aware of issues like this. The game has become unplayable for me at this point, I have to resort to other games forcefully, where my online connection is practically smooth and flawless…


Ditto. Near impossible to play my matches.


I’m surprised, I haven’t experienced any connection issues for a while now


By abandoned do you mean by The Coalition, Microsoft, the players, a combination of each…?

It’s clear the developers haven’t abandoned it. The fact that they keep releasing content, patches, special events etc should answer your question for you.

The quality of the support being provided to Gears 5 is a more relevant question, but again, no it hasn’t been abandoned. That won’t be the case until after the next title drops.

Edit. My ping is usually fine, connection issues are no worse than they have been.


OP, I want you to think about the words you used. You want to know if the game update from not two days ago means the game has been abandoned. The game update. The result of work put into the game by employees of the company who made it. That came out less than two days ago. Think, now.


Content wise it hasn’t been but bugs haven’t been addressed. I can think of several bugs off the top of my head that I’ve reported along with other users and they’ve gone without the slightest acknowledgement from TC.

  1. Controls reverting to a different scheme then selected when using Classic-ALT. This glitch can be replicated 100% of the time when pulling up the keyboard to type in game chat but it does occasionally happen without doing so.

  2. Major stutters on top end hardware when using an Nvidia GPU. In my case a 2080ti but I’ve got friends with 1660 and 3090 with the same issue. TC blames Nvidia but the issues got progressively worse for my friends and I with each major OP update starting with OP3.

  3. Inconsistent performance in terms of lag and hit detection. Shots just don’t register at times despite everyone having a solid low ping. Today I hit 3 people dead on with 2 grenades and I didn’t even get a hit marker. Even my friend started laughing because he said it was as direct as possible on his screen too.

I can name more but I want to keep this short and these are my main gripes. I’m still hoping for a miracle here.

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The magic question: wifi or ethernet?

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Game has reached its peak and its very underwhelming. Ranked doesnt even seem competitive anymore because everyone is the same rank.

At this point if they dont make some changes announce some support from a reputable studio then idk if people will even come back for the G6

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It play like a game that’s been out for 10 years not being fixed that’s been hacked 100 times.

Op 5 was its peak and they couldve rode out the wave but decided to release the new tuning which for me set in stone that I would not be playing pvp as much anymore.

I dont think we need another studio helping us out with gears, TC has owned gears for this long, I dont want to deal with another studio. I will ride it out with TC. but Im still gonna complain when complaining is necessary. and people are gonna come back to 6, I cant speak for everybody but im certain there will be people who will return. TC already has my money for 6.

OP5 was the final big push. We might make it to OP 10 however I’m guessing we will only get 4 new maps (1 each OP) and at least 2 of them will be returns from Gears 4.
The whole shorter tour of duties and cutting them in half is just an illusion that more content is coming out.

I would like to see another studio do the VS/MP side of things and leave TC to do the PvE and Campaign side of things.

Splash Damage already do a lot of work on the MP side, they helped out on MP development for 4 and 5 and did Tactics as well, they have experience and I would like to see them take it full on and lessen the work on TC.

at this point, is anybody expecting Op 5 levels of content? Im not sure why they promised that but i prefer the idea of having shorter ops. Gears 5 at this point will be the gears we play for another year because I dont think we are getting a reveal of 6 for next year. so we are most likely not gonna get 6 for 2 years and we arent even at the 2 year mark yet.

with the idea of more content, my concern is that I dont enjoy the base game of pvp lol. I hate playing on the same maps, and I hate the tuning. so in general, no amount of content is going to make me like gears 5 unless they revert the tuning.

I play pve at this point because TC killed it with pve. its definitely their strong suit and Ive always been a big supporter of it.

If thats the case, then I would be ok with that.

because TC has an issue of listening to the wrong people or trying to listen to everybody at once.

To your #2 it’s nvidia every update they have had has made all of my game experiences slow or broken.

Something even as little as the fps tracker they broke it just shows N/A and it stays on during the desktop unless I manually turn it off

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I still happily load Gears and have a great time. Rarely experience connection issues but the rare times it happens it doesn’t make me throw a fit.

Don’t think it’s dead by any means, tbh I’m tired of the same ppl crying that it’s terrible. If it was then I would always be matched against the same people in ranked but every match it’s always different GT’s

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My ping is always stable, unless im downloading a game then it goes up a bit but the game is still playable.

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Agreed. OP 5 connection was damn near flawless. Sure there were some minor lag issues but nothing game ending. Now its virtually impossible to play VS in ranked and quickplay and its actually getting worse.

The only thing I can guess is my internet provider and TC are going through a very messy divorce and im stuck in the middle lol.

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Op 6 came out weeks ago…Mid title update??? Nah dont give me that nonsense, it was just a delayed release of character skins, which were already in-game/existence, excluding the drone with the tubes sticking out of his body

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