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Gears 5 has so much potential... but is it truly too little, too late?

Yeah they made a bunch of mistakes with this game. If you look at Xmas they released an update and put Gears on sale. The update massively broke the game right before an influx of new gamers. Then TC went on vacation and didnt fix anything until two weeks into the New Year. And on top of that Gears Tactics is launching too soon for full focus on Gears 5. Although it does seem like TC is getting some of their act together finally.

Dude, who’s in control of the runaway train at TC… like nothing seems to ever just go smoothly. And every other person from TC says something that contradicts another lol

I dont know definitely not me lol. I wouldnt allow this crap to happen with one of my few AAA titles. Microsoft has a ton of money and Gears 5 could have been a gold mine if it launched properly.


How could MS have screwed both Halo and Gears so badly. And both on number 5. At least Halo seems to be returning to its roots…

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I think not enough oversight on Microsofts part, and they definitely werent thinking about the domino effect. Ruining two of the top reasons people purchase your system could even impact the new systems launch. Although maybe that is their focus now. Just getting Gears 5 in a good place in time for the new Xbox’s launch.

For PvP launch game was HORRIFIC. Now, after multiple updates, it has greatly improved to PRETTY BAD. If they increased gnasher mag size to 8 and turned the aim assist game setting to OFF for all of ranked, PvP could/would becomes PRETTY GOOD.

PvE : in Horde, stupidly unbalanced characters. Stupidly limiting cards (jd: capacity cards affect multiple explosive weapons. Damage cards only affect GL&Boom: I get more rounds in torque&drop, but not more damage. Wtf?)
In coop against AI, bot have laser accuracy, xray vision, no recoil or bloom, and respond to your actions before those actions’ animation starts.

Campaign: I hear it’s good. But I don’t care, not why I play the game.

You live on the “Moon” right?

Im from mexico and 95% of the people of my friendlist buy on Mercado-Libre 3 months ultimate gamepass accounts for 1 USD…

is very simple the process

On xbox

1.- You log in with the Dummy account
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1.- Put the Dummy account on the Microsoft-Store
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3.- Enjoy of your 3 months of gamepass for 1 USD

On Canada & USA the salaries are “good” compared with south-america where you work 10 hours at day 1 USD per hour.

I have suggested many times microsoft should remove the “Promotions 1 usd for 30 days or 1 usd for 3 months” to avoid people steal them on the face but apparently is the xbox strategy they want give you free the gamepass to make you buy a new console…

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PVP has been great for me since the update. Shot registration has been amazing and the skill gap for Gnasher battles has increased quite a bit.

They def made improvements over launch but those high ping games are awful I get thrown into them all the time. Frustrating as hell but when the game works it works well unfortunately it’s rare.

They havent been as bad for me post the update. They were horrendous for me prior.

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To be fair I havent played to often since the update I’ll have to put some time in

Pretty much every online game w/high ping players will be inconsistent and laggy. The problem is it shows up a lot more when its a smaller unit of players(5 v 5))and a lot of cqc. Its not as visible, or lets say as intrusive as a 60-100 player battle royale is. And peoples expectations for online multiplayer have gone to the nuclear level of unreasonable. If your playing multiplayer on a lan, then things should be exactly as they are…but when 10 different people are playing in 10 different times in space, and everybody is bouncing and rolling…its gonna be far from perfect.then throw in an unstable and very high ping player…well things get wacky…
Im just not gonna shame anybody anymore over their internet. Im blessed to have really really good internet. But some people aren’t. And life is hard enougn. Kids have enough things these days to feel insecure about. Everybody should get to play. Its just a game. For fun. Win or lose.Even if they cant afford a fiber connection. Or the highest tier cable connection.

I am not even saying that the high ping players are at fault. They could have excellent internet however if you are half across the globe because of a low player base that’s a problem. Whether anyone wants to accept it or not TC’s design decisions and mishandling of the game have run tons of people off. Even if 30k people are playing daily, that’s a very low number compared to the millions that installed. I am placing the blame on TC and not anyone in particular. If they had a healthy playerbase, they would have more opportunities to play consistent matches within thier region or nearby and yes people should be able to play the game which is why we have the current climate. Gears is beyond repair in that regard. Unless TC can convince a large chunk of people to return, I dont see it happening. Most likely someone will come back, seenthese high latency games where they cant hit anything and log right back off.

Wow, that’s a crazy problem, I had no idea lol, salaries are good here in the UK where I am, hardly anyone will be doing such things here, this strikes me as a Mexico/poorer country kinda problem far more than a rest of the world problem to be fair.

Most of the 1st world has decent salaries, or far better than $1 an hr anyway.

Does seem like MS know no bounds when it comes to sleazy practises

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Took over Fortnite on Xbox, not Fortnite on other platforms.

Not sure I agree with the rest of your post. I don’t think this fanbase has an issue with noob-friendly modes like versus AI or even Arcade, it’s a much better option than breaking the balance with weapons like SoS or retro lancer…

I just think a true Gears of War game is what will attract new players. The same kind a gameplay, wallbouncing and all, that brought this passionate fanbase together. It’s not supposed to be for everyone and it doesn’t have to be.

Lol this cracks me up, ppl think cause g5 beat fortnight for 5mins that it has anything to do with g5

G5 sold on it’s past success, literally nothing more

If it maintained those players, fair enough, but boy did it not lol

Gears 1-4 and a cheap sub service put it above fortnight, all G5 did was snowball that past success down to the bottom

We all know it, anything else is creative marketing

Damage is done.

First impressions really matter, likely too much. TC had a huge audience (in Gears terms) for G5 launch, TC completely screwed it and are now considered a joke by many.

Most gamers either do not care whatsoever about Gears now, or know of it as being a series that used to be fun but now is pure trash.

TC may have worked very hard on Gears for several years (a series they, as an untested dev, were handed on a plate), but they have put out two original games that are both insults to Gears of War. A lot of people won’t touch anything TC have a hand in.

Most people aren’t coming back. Best TC can do is hold on to those still playing, as well as flog as much worthless store crap as they can.

Even if we give TC the benefit of the doubt and assume they can make G5 a worthwhile and enjoyable experience (even typing that is a joke), the next gen is out soon, people will be moving on.

And I could keep going, but it’s so dull, much like G5.

I just hope they haven’t killed off Gears…although if TC stay at the helm afaiac it’s dead.

I’m pretty sure Tactics is being primarily developed by a different developer and TC are on board in a consulting capacity.

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The company working on Tactics also had heavy involvement in Gears 5, Gears 4, Halo Guardians and Halo MCC.

They were helping with MCC PC-release but weren’t working on Guardians or MCC for console.

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