Gears 5 has so much potential... but is it truly too little, too late?

Tell me your thoughts below but is anyone else hyped for the Chrome steel Cyclops? I hope that comes out within the next couple weeks :3

I now have plenty of reason to play for that alone, however, many can not say the same. Without a doubt though, Gears 4 is very similar to Gears 5. I don’t understand all the hate for this game aside from a lack of characters and having one of the MOST EMPTY launches in video game history lol. The problem in this game is lack of content alone and what content they release and in what order. Aside from that though, Gears 5 is a nearly PERFECT gears experience. I was wrong to be so harsh in the beginning, although it may have deserved it, perhaps we should dial it down and big coalition another chance. I am now returning to Gears 5. Thank you COALITION, for FINALLY giving us a character we actually asked for. Now the Armored Kantus, Golden Hunter, Palace Guard, OG Theron, Golden Miner, Valeria, Padick, ETC.


And remember, be nice in your constructive criticism. You don’t have to be mean to critique something.

I think even the hardcore fans who dislike GOW5 are likely to return at some point just to check on any updates and changes. They’re long time fans who have a fair bit of emotional investment in GOW as a franchise.

The more casual fans most likely won’t.

So in terms of the average player base nowadays - the boat has probably been missed for TC to sustain the peak audience. What’s left are the more dedicated ones.

Also, all of the Chrome Steel skins so far have been the default variant character so the Cyclops may not get a release anytime soon given it’s a variant of the Locust Drone.

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I should probably mention that I’m not so naive as to say that the only issues with GoW 5 is cosmetics, but that is a HUGE primary reason whether people believe it or not. I mean truly, think about it :confused:

Game needs more maps. 1 new map since launch. We were supposed to get 2 new maps per season, but what was said was very misleading. Lift is not a new map and shouldn’t be considered as one.

I’ll be back when there’s new maps.

Also everything in this game is from previous iterations. There isn’t enough new things to keep me interested. Every match plays out the exact same. Then you got power weapons that we’ve all seen from G4. Then horde with the same bosses from g4. The variety in this game blows IMO. It’s boring.

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The game still seems to have a healthy population. For various reasons it doesn’t seem as popular as Gears 4. I think the main reason is 4 came after a long drought.

The Gears 4 game at the end was no where near what it was at the start. I think people forget the hate that was present mostly the first year of release.

5 will get better, but it will never be a mainstream game.

Not sure how active you are in the game or the forums but I can tell you the game is far far from perfect and many make it very clear that it isn’t or just what’s broken. Its filled with glitches and bugs, big ones too, and in general it feels unfinished. Issues with gnashers and hit detection (supposedly this has had a fix now), ranking system on the fritz, broken map rotation (mixed with map based challenges and people want to go ape), etc, Oh and apparently Horde is a complete let down to the hardcore horde players (I played mixture of PvP and PvE so don’t have enough personal experience to fully comment).

TC needs to take a leaf out of CD Projekt’s book and learn to delay games if you feel it needs extra time, to make it perfection. The game is literally only a shell of a true Gears of War game and Ive been playing controllers to death since the release of the first game, but refuse to put anymore time into this title.

Cosmetics are literally only a small fraction of the experience. Most would prefer amazing gameplay over mediocre add-ons.

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It’s somewhat ironic, they made the game much more mainstream than previous Gears and it stops being one.

Gears 4 didn’t come after such long draught. Judgment was released in 2013, Gears 4 in 2016 and now Gears 5 in 2019. And there was UE between J and 4. Gears 5 isn’t as popular as 4 because overall it’s a worse product.


You are correct on dates. I’d argue though the majority of the player base stuck with gears 3 even after judgment came out. UE was still Gears 1 though better in every way.

And I agree they tried to make 5 more mainstream going against the very strong base that loves it because it’s a special niche.

I think GOW as a franchise has been on the wane since GOW3. It may be a AAA title but the popularity is toward the bottom end I guess and it’s relevance in the gaming world is (in my opinion) overstated. I know it’s not fair to compare it to the behemoths like Fortnite but there are many games that are far more popular.

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It’s exclusive to Xbox and trilogy sold over 6 million copies each. Of course it won’t be as popular as mainstream shooters available on all platforms. It’s huge IP though, a system seller (was at least) and in a way a genre defining game.

It is on a decline, I agree on that. I think it’s because it really doesn’t feel like Gears anymore that much, it’s not unique enough.

Gears 5 is great now! Im enjoying it.

Gears 5 is a good game but that suffered the “Free to play model” curse + “Xbox haters negative bombing”.

Only the “USA & CANADA users” are the ones paying the ultimate-gamepass on a legit way. The rest of the world abuse creating a new account every month to exploit the gamepass. So is a “F2P” model.

Imagine having 10 profiles to play Gears 5 so you can Leave, troll, insult, grief the matches cuz the only thing you have to do is close the app then re-open that with other profile.

At this point microsoft should start work on Gears 6 Ninja theory + TC on the campaing and Epic games on the “Multiplayer experiencie”

This is a high school rule I always broke.

But in fairness I believe it can come back, just look at Battlefront 2, as much as I don’t think it should be forgiven or forgotten, it’s definitely in a much better place. If Gears 5 is much better in a year I’ll still come back to it. Like I still go back to 3, 4 and even UE. Every once in a while. But in it’s current state, nah I’ll keep away for right now.

I think it largely depends on what modes you play in terms of satisfaction in the game. PVP is a mess, a gigantic, lag filled, buggy mess. I play 100% PvP and it is a horrible experience. I’ve seen PvE issues crop up but it dosent seem to destroy the experience for some. I think in terms of PvP the tuning changes have helped a little bit however latency is a huge issue. While TC is the cause of the climate there isnt much they can do. There is a dwindling playerbase and in order to keep matches rolling they are throwing all ping ranges in matches and where the numbers are low you are getting people from across the world you are playing with which makes hit detection a further nightmare. Most aren’t going to come back and those that do face the latency filled matches and turn it off. It’s too late o fear for Gears 5. TC screwed the pooch here and it is what it is unfortunately.


Cause I call total and absolute bull

Source: Me, who lives in “rest of world” and pays my 1and only sub legit, just like the 100s of others I know do

If anyone’s scamming it’s the USA an Canada, bunch of slimy crooks I tells ya


What destroyed any hope of this game was not having dedicated servers for certain regions an abysmal launch and a massive let down for the first big update.

Yes I know the game has dedicated servers but they placed a bigger emphasis on creating lobbies and straight to games that you had people from central America the United States and Europe all in the same ten man lobby. This created laggy games, and made hit detection atrocious. EU players got the worst of it. If they would have region locked the severs outside of invite only then yes players would have had to wait longer to queue a lobby but then their game wouldn’t have been as broken. The launch was horrible fix one thing and then something else breaks even campaign was spared. It took me a week of solid playing to complete the campaign because it kept crashing so much. Then OPeration 2 came out and was a let down for a lot of people. This game was definitely incomplete and may be the cause of the franchise to never fully recover. I don’t know who was to blame but somebody put their ego and love of money before the franchise now we have this failure of a game.

yes Gears 5 has potential.

I all depends wether @TC_Octus and @N0DEZER0 are willing to take the feedback that the community already gave to them and willing to make the game fun for their customers. If they do that… the game could be better.

It’s never too late when you have the will to make things right.

The server issue is due to Microsoft. I recall that Mexico does not have a single server which seems crazy given they have such a big following of fans there.

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Gears fans are loyal and passionate. Regardless of their hate for a game, they’ll come back if it’s worth it. I’ve seen it happen with every Gears, most recently Gears 4.

Operation 2 brought a lot of good content and changes to the game (as well as issues), but I really do think the game will turn a full corner with the release of Operation 3. By then TC will have a full understanding of what the community wants from this game, and we should see some nice improvements and overall content.

With that being said, if they don’t come out strong with MAPS in Operation 3, then yes it will be too little too late.

Operation 3 needs to release with a minimum of 4 brand new Versus/Horde maps, or at the very least some new and some remakes of old maps that have never been remade before. Minimum 4. Anything less just won’t cut it. Ideally it should be 6, but I doubt that will happen.

If they do this along with continuing to update the game and communicate with fans, they will be in a good place with Operation 3. Time will tell.

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I don’t see anyone else acknowledging this and I dont know why, but gears MP is TOO HARD FOR NEW/ CASUAL PLAYERS TO GET INTO.
The gnasher and wall bouncing is a strange and lame tactic to get into. If all you do is die in MP and you finished the campaign most people move on.

Also I feel like Microsoft dropped the ball on advertising this title. We didn’t see much in the gameplay department until E3 2019 a few months before launch. Plus the cinematic trailer was kinda lame compared to the other. ( I’m referring to the “mad world” and “sound of silence” type trailers.)

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