Gears 5 has over 100 k active players?

Not baseless when the community manager acknowledges the thread and literally said they’ve flagged it to the store team and they’re looking into the cause of it.

Again, take the L like a gentleman Mark. You’re a better troll than this, I know it.

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The premise of the thread (“Microsoft is deleting/muting all negative reviews”) is demonstrably false, and all you have to do is go to the review page to see this. You’re clinging to the fact that Octus has inquired to the store team for information and trying to warp this into proof of something we can see for ourselves is untrue.

Pretty much everything you have just said is false. But you keep believing whatever delusions you want, as you always do. As a friend though, I suggest you take a break from riding that TC sybian day and night, it’s clouding your judgement. :rofl:

I have backed up my statements with facts and data, whereas the bitter Gears 5 haters have only produced ridicule and a forum post by the Community Manager that they’re misconstruing. I think it’s pretty clear which side is delusional.

I agree that it is pretty clear which side is delusional. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What do you consider “evidence”? I screenshoted the review counts across 5 country’s stores, and then 10 days later did the same again. There was a huge drop in 1 & 2 star reviews AND a huge increase in 5 star reviews… see here:

And all we heard from TC was (a) we don’t have the power to do this (true, TC doesn’t. MS , owners of TC do), and (b) we reached out to MS about this…

There is definite evidence that what was an overwhelmingly negative set of reviews,across 5 markets, became , in a very short period of time, months after launch, an overwhelming glowing set of reviews, even in Australia where server issues made the game unplayable for Versus…

Hmmm… yes, there is no evidence TC was behind this. But its undeniable it happened.

It happened for other games with other publishers too, this is hardly tin foil hat conspiracy type stuff:



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The numbers in your Tweets were never the total number of 1-star reviews. You say that in the US, for example, the number of 1-star reviews went “from 230 to 43.” Obviously neither of these figures is the actual number of total 1-star reviews. At this moment, that number is 1,095, which you can verify for yourself by going to the review page, selecting 1-star reviews, and filtering by “All reviews.”

What appears to be happening is that the score displayed on the review page (i.e., the 4.6 or 2.8 from your Tweets) is some kind of time-windowed average comprising recent reviews only. The shift from 2.8 to 4.6 is likely because reviews of the game were disproportionately negative at launch, and have become more positive as time has passed (this same trend is clear in the Steam reviews, as well). The number of 1-star reviews shown in your Tweets is going down not because they are being deleted, but rather because they are old and no longer included in the score calculation displayed on the MS store page. We can debate the propriety of displaying a score average that is a function of only recent reviews, but this is not the same as the mass deletion of negative reviews that is being claimed.

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To continue on the last point that the displayed score is only a subset of all reviews, here is the total count or Gears 5 reviews (4,539).

On the other hand, the displayed score only includes 2.217 reviews:

Thus, the important question is how the subset of reviews that goes into the 4.7 score is determined. If it’s just a simple time window (i.e., recent reviews) or reviews for the current version (i.e., Operation 2 reviews), I don’t really see how anyone can call this nefarious.

Additionally complicating the situation, it isn’t really clear whether the 4.7 accounts for written reviews only, or also includes ratings made without corresponding written reviews. To illustrate, you can see elsewhere on the MS website that there appear to be a total of 151,000 ratings for Gears 5, which is obviously far in excess of the number of written reviews on the store page:

Presumably the 151k number is from people who have rated the game (i.e., the stars) but have not provided a written review. It is unknown how/whether these people are factored into the store score.

Overall, what’s clear is that the displayed store score (currently 4.7) is not a simple function of all reviews made since launch. Some transparency should definitely be provided from MS as far as how reviews, ratings, and recency are taken into account to come up with the score. However, there is nothing to support the claims made here and in the other thread that “Microsoft deleted all the negative reviews on xbox store.” As already shown in the last post, there are 1,095 1-star reviews in the store that date back all the way to launch.


So if I tell you that my 1 star review is gone, am I lying?

I have no way of knowing whether your review is gone, ever existed, or what the circumstances might have been surrounding its hypothetical removal. That’s the disadvantage of relying on anecdotes rather than systematic evidence and data.

How do you explain stuff like this? Oh yeah they are probably satisfied with the game now and rated it 5 stars now.

They just forgot to edit the text.
If you read the 5 star reviews there are a lot of bad ones.

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I’m not a psychic who can magically provide insight regarding two random Xbox reviews made by people I’ve never met. That isn’t evidence of whatever conspiracy theory you’re trying to claim.

So grateful we could have another thread monitoring user reviews, and where G5 sits on the “most played” list.

Man alive, get a life people. If you can’t stand the game, and think it’s awful, that’s fine and I completely understand deciding not to play it any more. What I will never understand, are the people who are obsessed with watching stuff like this, for the game they no longer play.

My review was deleted twice so you’re chatting garbage mate haha


Yes, your individual anecdote is obviously all we need to know in this discussion.

No use talking to this dude, he is living in his own world.


Well it’s proof either way aha